Okulus Anomali Multi-Headed Bass Monster post

Seeing that Bass Music has evolved into a beautiful multi-headed bass-beast, this post reflects a lot of the styles that have been inspiring me in the past 6 months…including Dubstep / Post-Dubstep / Future Bass / Miami Bass Music / Grime . Whatever you want to call it…these Infectious Grooves aim to please a scene that is becoming more enthusiastic of a multi-genre approach in Listening, Creating & Mixing than ever before.

I’ve compiled Volume II in my DJ series ‘Natural Selection‘ using some of the trax from this post, trax via the Generation Bass blog, and other Dubsteppy oddities that I have had the pleasure of unearthing. The mix (as well as this post) compiles the new, classic, deep, smooth as well as grimy…something for everyone. Scroll to the bottom of the post for the mix or download it directly here: Natural Selection Vol II – Okulus Anomali


Various Dubstep / Post-Dubstep / Future Bass …

Kuru & Dustmite – Daime Forca (Amazing track…I can see this in a car commercial soon)
Kuru & Dustmite – Daime Forca – SMOG008 by Kuru



Ramadanman – revenue (untold remix)
( Tribal, Quirky, Brazilian goodness)

Addison Groove : It’s got me (They’re calling this ‘SexyStep’…I can dig)

ADDISON GROOVE – IT’S GOT ME 3024-012A by 3024world



(Also be sure to check out my fave track from Helixir – ‘Capoeira Dub’ -…you can hear it on my ‘Natural Selection Vol II’ at the bottom of this post…I couldn’t find a stream available for the track unfortunately)


DJG: (Deep, Soulful DubStep, Bass)
check out his latest at


Simon/Off: (Deep, Tribal, Soulful DubStep, Bass)
Released Tracks by simon/off



Balkansky (great Transnational Dubstep & Video)



Soroka, Dore, Nebulla – Ganja Princess (‘Dub’Step..proper) FREE Download
Soroka, Dore, Nebulla – Ganja Princess (2008) *FREE DOWNLOAD by SOROKA




South Florida / Miami Bass ( Dubstep / PsyStep / Grime ):

Griami-Pan Agnostix

Griami – Pan Agnostix (Okulus Anomali & Herakles)
My latest track, using Animal noises intertwined w/the Grime…upbeat pace, Tribal / Dubstep / PsyStep. www.PanAgnostix.com

Griami by Pan Agnostix (Okulus Anomali & Herakles) ~ unsigned by okulus


(one of my fave Miami Producers and Live P.A.’s Eric Dez …Free Downloads Below …check him out at ericdez.com)

Original Dubstep + Moombah by Eric Dez by ericdez


Axiom Crux : http://soundcloud.com/axiomcrux
(Awesome remix of Beethoven – Free Download…also appears on my ‘Natural Selection Vol II’ at the bottom of this post)

Beethoven – Figlio Perduto (Axiom Crux Remix) by Axiom Crux


Meta Zen :

(talented PsyStep/Dubstep artist haling from Portland/Miami…some Free Downloads below)

Meta Zen Selections by Meta Zen



Gray Ghost: (Dubporn Records / Free Download…you can buy his full album ‘Ternary’ here : http://grayghost.bandcamp.com/album/ternary-ep-dp001 )

Feel It by GrayGhost



Natural Selection Volume II : Okulus Anomali Dj Mix (Future Bass/Dubstep/Grime/Whatever)




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