Tasty compilation here by Heartbreak to ease everybody into the summer Moombah Pool parties, gotta be the soundtrack to the start of the party. Includes some brand spanking new tracks including 3 by Heartbreak himself, one of which, his edit of a Weeknd track, is just SUBLIME!

Here’s what he says:

As the summer approaches and the clubs heat up. This is the perfect time, for the part of moombahton that I love the most. The Moombahsoul sub genre, just has something special about it.

This started off as as All HeartBreak project, but my fellow La Moombahtonistas, approached me and presented some very quality material…

This is volume one to my HeartBreak presents moombahsoul series.

Dale Moombahton!

The Weeknd “Rolling Stone” ( Heartbreak’s Remix ) by David Heartbreak

Mi Amor by David Heartbreak

Style & grace by David Heartbreak

Sonora – Amor De Aaliyah by SONORA

DJ Melo & Jon Kwest – Ecstasy by azdjmelo



1. Jon Kwest – Make It

2. Jon Kwest – Rainshine

3. Munchi – Me and My Bitch

4. DJ Melo & Jon Kwest – Ecstasy

5. Heartbreak – I Am Legend

6. Cam Jus – Ease The Pain

7. Sonora – Amor De Aaliyah

8. DJ Theory – Can’t Get Enough

9. Sonora – Amor De Alicia

10. Munchi – Despair

11. Heartbreak – Style & Grace

12. Pickster & Riot Earp – Around

13. Pickster One feat. Kris Hill – Let’s Stay Together

14. Heartbreak – Mi Amor

15. The Weekend – Rolling Stone (Heartbreak’s remix)



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