This EP and the Brent Tactic EP, I posted a few weeks back, contain my kinda Moombahton, this is what I love to play out to get the party hot.

Everything on this EP compiled by Sabo is dancefloor fyah, simply amazing!  It contains 3 awesome tracks by the man himself and he is fast becoming one of my all time fave moombahnista’s cause everything he puts out, I wanna play out, and I dig it 100%!  Then there’s one of my guilty pleasures, the Blondet remix of the Wham track, which I just have to play at least 3 times in a row if I start to play it, classic edit!  Cam Just pops up with a steel drum classic edit of a Tomb Crew track and it finishes with another one of my fave moombahnista’s, Obeyah, who was sent my way last year by Sabo 🙂  He lays down some MoombahTribal as only he can!

One of the Moombah EP’s of the year so far, period!

Moombahton Massive IV by SolSelectas

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