Brand new: Juakali – “DreadBass Soundsystem” :
Dread Bass, Dub, Future Reggae Free Download from “DreadBass Soundsystem” full length from Trinidadian MC JUAKALI.

Juakali presents “DreadBass Soundsystem”, a debut full length record featuring dub, dancehall, and dubstep swarmed into one unique style known as Dread Bass. The record features production by producers Kush Arora and Nate Mars who  have produced vocalists ranging from Elephant Man to Jah Dan. Juakali’s past work has been featured on electronic labels like Techtonic and Tigerbeat 6. This is a must for reggae fans looking for a forward thinking experience.

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Dark and Deep Dread Bass “This Life”

Classic Roots Dub anthem “Living In Babylon

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The songs that cover a range of issues including the struggle of immigrants and working class people in the opening track Living in Babylon, daring to live the life you dream with someone you love (Breakaway), experiencing something miraculous (One of Those Nights) and doing the right thing (This Life).

Available on I tunes, Juno, and retailers everywhere.

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  1. come in soundboy bring in this dreadybass, tell dem people bout life in babylon, how it is in the place where money is god!

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