Officially the worlds very first Moombahton video and it’s no wonder that Mad Decent had something to do with it.  Dillon Francis, Diplo and Maluca on “Que Que” from Francis’  debut WestSide EP. What I took away from this video is, if I may somewhat quote the infamous Ol Dirty Bastard Moombahton “is for the children!”  Great quirky video and good for the kids.  Watch and grab Neki’s edit of “Que Que” with some upright tropical house vibes.  Enjoy!



Dillon Francins & Diplos “Que Que” Feat. Maluca [NEKI EDIT]


  1. “Officially the worlds very first Moombahton video”…correction. Sazon Booya – La Bomba was the world’s first Moombahton video.

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