I really had to dig this week for just the right tracks. It goes without saying that cumbia and reggae naturally belong together. From the 4/4 time signature to the dub like bass lines and of course the boom chick/bum taca rhythms.

In the spirit of summer around these parts we tend to naturally desire the reggae sound to be played at our various pool parties and summer concert tours. I want to capture that spirit in this week’s blog.

Sunburned, extremely relaxed and penniless I return to you from a week in Las Vegas. Chillin by the dope pools at the Hard Rock Hotel, talking about music with various other vacationers, especially about reggae, I was just missing one thing and even that thing is illegal there. Vegas was celebrating reggae like only Vegas can with the Reggae in the desert tour along with other shows featuring greats like Toots and the Maytals, Steel Pulse and Stephen Marley accompanied by his brothers Damien (Jr Gong) and Julian. Stephen’s was the show that I went to poolside. With the cool summer night’s breeze flowing through the palm trees, the Marley’s took to the stage and performed powerful tunes effortlessly. This is when I knew I had to devote this week’s blog to the sounds of cumbia reggae produced by the underground world.

To start things off I bring back Dj Pika Mza. I couldn’t resist but to post his track Jammin’ by the great one we all know and love Bob Marley. It’s an obvious choice being such a huge name and huge tune. But what Pika does to it is incredible. He brings us on a real trip through a classic giving it a whole new life. It has one of the greatest misleading intros


Keeping with the legend, another obvious choice has been made. Cumbia Shot The Sheriff by DJ Stixx. Stixx is a good personal friend of mine. We rock in the tejano world together (well he does I just market for his site) as Stixx is the creator and owner of tejanoview.net. When I created Nu Cumbia Experience he wanted to put in his two cents and he came up with a cumbia reggae remix. And here it is


Let’s go underground now where we feel most comfortable. A few days ago before this post Mari Ya from Peru presented this interesting gem. A few of you already found it and you know why it must be posted up here. Mari labeled it Cumbia Digital which it definitely is but I cannot escape posting it here due to the fat dub bass line


I know little about this next producer JAZZinto but I would love to learn more. Down in Michoacan, Mexico this track came up on Soundcloud 22 days before this post. I dug deep in the archives and found it. It was too intriguing to pass up. Let me know what you think


I knew reggae was alive and well in Portland, Oregon but cumbia was a bit of a surprise until I saw who brought it. Papemusic from Chile is producing mostly reggae tracks but in this case we get a great cumbia


In Colombia there is a selektor named Diego Arias. If you don’t know him yet then you better get to know him soon because he’s blowing up fast. He goes by Dash Selektor. He’s been a good contributor to my group as well as others and here is his cumbia dancehall styling


You all know this next dude. I couldn’t not post his work here, it was inevitable. It’s a huge hit and deserves to be. I now give you AndresDigital!


WTF guero! A freakin’ Stereo Love remix here really?! Come on man we all know it’s a rip off of Lambada, we all know it’s overplayed EVERYWHERE. So why do it? Why do such a thing?! Because it was just too damn good to not post it here. I know I sort of hate myself for doing it too but Sebastian Sound System slowed it way down, gave it a sonidera sound, added keys with a reggae rhythm, and layered craziness all over it. It came out well and deep. Good job Sebastian Sound System good job indeed. Play this at a pool party and all the girls will get wet (well, more wet)


To finish things up I chose DJ Nabhe’s upload. It simply is cumbia reggae in it’s purest form


Lots of tracks here this time, trust me it was difficult to limit myself to just these. I hope you dig the tunes, throw back a cold one and enjoy the sun unless of course you’re in the south of our fine world, in which case bundle up.

Keep with me folks I have so much more to present on this blog series and can’t wait to bring you all the best!

Peace and love – El Guero Unico


  1. I’m really bowled over by the brilliance of posts on here lately…..u guys ROCK big time..thanks so much for all of this great, creative input..I finally feel, we’re really getting somewhere with this blog……eternally grateful….<3

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