Just noticed a growing trend of tunes incorporating Animal Sounds. Takes me back to the Jungle Book..lol..

In dance music, takes me back to around 2001 and stuff by the likes of Vildensky!


Also check out all of these, all free too!!


Tribal / Dubstep / Future Bass / Future Garage / Grime / Bass Music / World / Transnational Dubstep / Psychedelic Jungle Music

including LIVE :
– Vietnamese Jaw Harp recording by Okulus Anomali
– Snake Charmer Flute drone by Herakles

Griami by Pan Agnostix (Okulus Anomali & Herakles) ~ unsigned by okulus


Sick birds desperately hide their illnesses until near death. They are that afraid of getting left behind by the flock. Let’s give the world’s sick a reason to keep chirping, keep perching, keep flying, and get puffed up if we need to, because they know that we’re all flocking together ’til the worms eat us!

Chronic Pain – Luv Dem Bird Sounds by chronicpain


This is the track that led me onto this accidental & unintended exploration, great track man!

Rhythm Children by Elonious


Crazeee, fun stuff from the Great Toad!

Toadally Krossed Out EP MiniMix by maddecent


More birdy sounds in here…

So High (new ep single!! out June 20th!) by BRENMAR


Even Neki gets in on the act with an edit…

Toadally Crossed Out – Toads Theme 2012 [NEKI Edit] by NEKI


I already featured this one a little while back but here it is again:

The Kookaburra its a native Australian bird that produces wicked sounds similar to a human laughing and was my inspiration for this tune

Saludos Burundanga

Burundanga – The Laughing Kookaburra by jackposada


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