Pole position this week, that rare thing: a Balkan mixtape full of tunes I’ve not heard before! Touski delivers the goods on this one. Mo Kolours brings some vintage global funk to the table and we finish with a Flow Dan and Jamakabi mix from 2002, a snapshot of the history of Grime.


Touski delivers some real Balkan sounds as an antidote to the tech-house-with-brass which has gradually become what ‘Balkan’ means to a lot of people… Check this hotness…

So here is my new mixtape, made entirely of Chalga Kuchek-stylee mostly from Bulgaria. It’s very different (much slower and sexier imho) and even somehow opposite of trendy electro mixtapes we can found nowadays but it’s much closer to what is actually played in clubs over there.

Chalga, Kuchek or Manele , what’s your pleasure?
Some beats actually coming from the Balkans for a change 🙂

Balkan Beast by Touski

Bate Shefe – Ustata & Sofi Marinova
Lele male – Dj Coco Beat
Kiuchek Burqta 3 – Dj Iwchoooooo
oriental kuchek
Kucheka _Ne Sme Sami – DJ KRASI
Pepela6ka – Kuchek
ГPopFolkBomb1 – Extreme и Сашка Васева
variant – vili73
Super bass kuchek 2011 – DJ.Sven feat Michael Jackson
Chalga do dupka – Cvetelina & Dj Niki
Binnaz – Djoni
Kesh – ork. Kristali
Dance Kiuchek – Georgi Qnev I Ork. Orfei -Dj. Didka
Aide Shani Mani – Romski Rap – Ork. Kristali
Zhenski tajni – Marijana Kalcheva
Kucheka Mitio Pishtova 1 – DJ Rusi MC
Dai dai kiu4ek – DJ_NIKI_TV
Gasi toka vs. DJ Pantelis Rega – Teodora
Tochno Ti – Sofi Marinova I Ustata
Vodka s Koka Kola – Ork.Kristali

Mo Kolours

Wastepicker and Cassowaries recently featured Mo Kolours’ recent EP ‘Drum Talking’ here on GB (as did I over at Untimely Sound) which is well worth checking out for its wonky soulful blend of electronics, percussion and Sega. Here he presents a mix of tunes focusing on percussion, and in the tracklist instead of the songs he names the drummers / percussionists. Vintage, crackly, funky, soulful, tribal, dubby… check this out.

Drum Walking Mixtape by Mo Kolours by Wax Poetics

Math Samba, Luc Assa, Alpha Konate, Prosper N’Kouri
Hermeto Pascoal
Roy Haynes
Buddy Miles
P. Lapouble
Ray King, Mike Rose, Pablo Gonsales, Sam Kelly, Joey Dee
Carlton “Santa” Davis
Bernard Purdie
Easy Santa
Sol Amarfio
Stomu Yamash’ta
Ed Green, Gary Coleman
Gregg Gregg
Nilija, Pudim, Ben Hassan
Adama Drame, Siaka Bamoro
Eddie Knowles, Charlie Saunders, David Barnes

Flow Dan and Jamakabi

The Wire has posted up 10 grime mixtapes showcasing a little mini history of UK bass music around the turn of the millenium, starting with 1997’s speed garage selection from DJ Double O And MC Sharky P (with 90s MCing to match – inserting ‘the’ before every proper noun: Shout out to the Steve! Shout out to the Sharon! You’re listening to the Ice FM!), mutating over the course of a few years into grime and proto-dubstep like this wicked tape right here, with MCing evolved to match: more repetition, more toaster-style chatting, less Scream if you wanna go Faster. Weird that there’s a shout out to Tinchy Stryder in here – dude must have been about 9 surely??

DOWNLOAD: Flow Dan and Jamakabi Twin Towers Mix (Rinse FM) (2002)

No tracklist guys.. sorry. Head to the wire to stream & download all the rest of the tapes


  1. pure quality Andy, love the Balkan Beast with its unique flavors, had fun with the drum walking tape and its awesome indigenous sounds, finally listening to the Grime series on TheWire right now.  This post series lights up mid week at work brightly! 

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