A first time collaboration by these two top Israeli producers. Sabbo and Shochat droppin dirty post-Dancehall tune with trigger happy samplin and crisp basslines. This mix is fresh and we sure hope to hear more from them!

Sabbo & Ori Shochat – Shine & Cris by Sabbo

10 dayz ago Sabbo posted this successful mashup of Busy Signal and some Beatles sampling topped on a funky rockish beat!

Busy Signal – bye bye (Sabbo beat-up) by Sabbo

“Flying in my truck but I don’t know where I’m going, don’t know where I’m goin’!” While back I did a global heavyweights post and this tune was featured in it. Ori also enabled the d/l on it for us back then. Super successful track; I really like where Ori is going with this!

Don’t Know Where I’m Goin (Snippet) by Ori Shochat


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