When one reads the name Fiestas Pirata (Pirate Parties in English if you couldn’t figure it out yourself) images of crazy partying involving booze, prostitutes, and drugs comes to mind. And you wouldn’t be too far from the truth! Actually I’m a damned liar because I haven’t been to one yet however the description I gave is my weekly Saturday evening routine. So I know something and that something is to wear protection! I know, I hate it too and I can’t feel anything either but I also can’t keep track of how many kids I have now and child support is killing me!

I’ll get to the truth now after that completely useless off-subject introduction. Fiestas Pirata is a weekly event held in a different city in Mexico. Creators PapiPerez and SpikeDevilDisco are big names in the underground latin scene but if you don’t know them then you should really get to know them as well as the event itself. Involved are approximately 30 members. I know some of them personally and if you read this blog then so do you. Here is the link to their weekly blog for you to follow;

It is a tough task to choose tracks from different participants of the fiesta being so many good ones. There’s no fair way to do this properly and that’s why it took me this long to blog about Fiestas Pirata, something I’ve wanted to do for some time now.

I will start however with a unique talent, Jaoquin Ponce who goes by the name El Gato Deejay. The cat started producing just last November and has an impressive body of work now. He first came on my radar with his cumbia remix of Another Day In Paradise. This inspired me to do something similar with Bette Davis Eyes. If you haven’t heard his version yet check it out under his name on SoundCloud. Another Cumbia Day In Paradise is the title he went with. One last quick unnecessary anecdote concerning Jaoquin I wish to mention; a little ways back I posted a request in my group for anyone who would be interested in remixing originals of a band from the 70’s named Grupo Religion. Jaoquin responded among several others with his email [email protected]__dotcom. This spawned a thread of comments concerning how we all first created emails when we were in our teens or early twenties. Sorry Jaoquin it’s just still too damn funny!

Enough rambling guero! The cat gave me a history lesson behind his new track he uploaded a couple nights ago which I greatly appreciate being just a curious gringo. Enjoy

This blog just keeps getting longer and longer I realize as I scroll up. I gotta keep things moving here so as not to bore anyone. (Probably would help if I didn’t point this out).

To move things along in the right direction here are a few selected tracks from Fiestas Pirata’s SoundCloud account

This one featuring the well known (with good help from Generation Bass) DJ Javier Estrada

Pa Kongal! Personally going by the name Francisco El Zodio has been a good contributor to the world of nu cumbia and all of its sub-sub genres. Luckily living in Cuernavaca, Mexico here is his newest work which is a real trip

His awesome remix of someone’s work I’ll write more about in the near future, Lata!

How does one choose a track from PapiPerez? It’s very difficult. He’s a big player but I managed to choose the one track that speaks loudest to me

Even more difficult was choosing from SpikeDevilDisco! Dj Umb has posted a lot of his tracks already on previous Sexxy Saturday Cumbia blogs. It would be impossible to post about Fiestas Pirata without him and rightly so. I dug and chose a couple of my favorites

This next one I wouldn’t normally post here but it’s very impressive and in the spirit of the fiesta I really felt it would work. A classic reinforced


Next week I will go deeper into your minds and hopefully your hearts. I’m listening and watching you all (not in a creepy stalker sense).


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