The Latin American electronic movement is becoming the most inspiring thing to Western dance music in quite some time and I’m not being bias.  The same could be said about Eastern sounds in EDM jams, it really adds a fresh perspective to deejay friendly party music.  Miami Sound Machine once showed us how the rythm was going to get us, and hell yeah eventually it did.  It has been a long time coming, but Latin American dance music stretches way beyond the accessible Latin pop and reggaeton, showing that it has a place within contemporary electronic dance music, yet ironically deifying every genre that is remotely brushed with a bit of traditional Latin flavor .  In this case, house music!  And I don’t mean cheesy Pitbull remixes.  Get ready for some of the freshest house music you’ll hear for quite some time.  This is house enriched with beautiful, organic native American sounds from Chile.   It’s a spiritual journey arranged by none-other than MATANZA (The Killing) which is 3 really talented dudes from Santiago, and Munchi was the first to break them here on GB.  Apolinar EP is now available through Antartek records, including 2 great remixes by underground favorites Daniel Klauser and Hat & Hoodie.  This is a must listen.


“Apolinar is the story of an Indian Shaman who is initiated by a spirit of the sacred lake,
he passes through many mystical experiences and learns the real meaning of plants and ancient medication.”



FREE DOWNLOAD:  Matanza – Apolinar EP

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