Another month another round up of some solid Chip Bass, new mixtapes, new tracks, new releases and a remaster… so much quality here we go..

Henry Homesweet + Bleep Street

Probably one of the best all encompassing mixes you will hear to introduce you or someone you know to Chipmusic. Henry Homesweet, an amazing artist in his own right, has put together a flawless collection of some of the best accessible Chip dance music. Put together for the Chipbass powerhouse label Bleep Street and including new tracks as well as some essential classics that have defined the musics direction in the past. Listen and share around you won’t regret it..

Henry Homesweet – Essential Chip Mix 2011 by BLEEPSTREET Records



This artist from Germany hasn’t made many releases in the last year but this track is dark, dank and full of atmosphere. He used some nice post production tricks to get some massive sub bass sounds out of the dual gameboy set up he wields. Have a listen and cop the free download from here



So the very first Chipbass post I did covered this guy from Latvia making the craziest, hardest chipbass. This month he has re-released it with a complete remaster giving it extra shine and most importantly extra BASS! If you missed it the first time around check it out.


Sono Fabitch

I know very little about this guy from Austria but this is a very solid digital chip reggae track. Apparently this is just an unfinished preview, but in high quality .wav, something about ragga vocals with chip that just works in my opinion need more of this thanks!!

Ganja Farmer (Preview) by Sono Fabitch



From Holland, Monodeer is one of my all time favourite Chip Bass artists and this release pulls together a whole bunch of tracks from his past into a coherent atmospheric and aggressive, noise riddled Chip. You can grab a free download of it as lo-res MP3’s here or purchase in a high quality format from bandcamp below.


Maddest Kings Alive

Australian C64 and GBA groove merchant has been releasing tracks from this release slowly over the last few months and they are all fantastically Bass-y, incorporating elements of cumbia, dub and bass driven grooves.


This is some really great Impulse-Tracker electro, solid pounding dance chipbass (sits nicely in the Henry Homesweet mix as well!!)


Battery Powered Music

This mix series has been compiling some of the best chipbass, dub and skweee many of the tracks I feature plus a bunch more. There are two below but you can stream and download them all from here


Burnkit 2600

Circuit bending and Chip band Burnkit 2600 have always been great at incorporating a whole heap of different sounds into cohesive tracks that easily transcend the world of chipmusic. In this case they tackle digital dub and it is great fun. Sirens, laid back bass and solid human grooves make this a great little release for both chipmusic and dub fans.



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