Man, some more real sad news, this time, about a great thinker/music philosopher/photographer/author!

Please help, if you can.

Our thoughts & prayers are with you Ernie!


Ernie Paniccioli, the famed photographer, has revealed publicly that he has cancer and is in dire need of support from the Hip-Hop community.

Paniccioli, through the The Life Goes On Foundation, announced that he’s is in need of financial support to pay for medical bills.

Thus far, the photographer has accumulated medical bill exceeding $40,000, but does not have health care coverage to pay the rigorous cancer treatment.

He will have to endure roughly five weeks of radiation treatment to increase his chances of survival.

Friends, family and fans can donate by clicking this link.

At press time, the Hip-Hop Nation member has raised close to $1,000.

Paniccioli has faithfully documented Hip-Hop culture, in its many facets, since the 1970’s. He’s photographed the likes of Chuck D, MC Lyte, Lauryn Hill, Nas, Latifah, Tupac, Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G., Afrika Bambaataa and scores of other Hip-Hop royalty.

In 2002, he released “Who Shot Ya?: Three Decades of Hip Hop Photography,” a critically acclaimed compilation of his finest photos. He also released a documentary on Hip-Hop in 2009.

“Hip-Hop is an art form. We should use it as an art form,” he told in 2009. “We should use it as fun.We should use it as a way to globally unite people past language, past religion and past race and culture. That’s the positive side of Hip-Hop. And it has the potential.”

For more on Ernie Paniccioli, click here.

Munchi’s Birthday Present: Verano De Moombahton!

Yesterday was my birthday and im officially 22 now! Damn, so much things that can happen in only 2 years. It’s incredible.

So just like last year the compilation for this month was in my mind. The amount of tracks that were delivered pretty much blew my mind.

Not only did it jammed my inbox for a week, the 75+ tracks were all of high quality. I couldn’t choose to be honest, so i knew i had to have some time.

Thinking that the 25th would be a good option to have 4 days left to choose and master tracks, was a bad choice haha.

Shit, like I was in Paris last minute to meet Skrillex and Sazon Booya (which was awesome as fuck) the 25th and 26th coming back the 27th.

So as usual I did everything last minute, haha. Even writing this fucking thing last minute before I have to go to my gig in Belguim haha.

In the end the choices were clear and there are 13 exclusive tracks on the compilation!

Thank you all for the help and making the tracks, also big thanks to the people who don’t make Moombahton usually but skipped that just for this compilation. And of course thank you all for the big support over all this time. The movement is getting bigger and bigger and its incredible to see this happening when we are all in the middle of it.

Happy Birthday all, the seasonal Moombahton compilations 1st year!



1. Javier Estrada – Voces Del Viento
2. Diplo & Dillon Francis – Que Que (Alvaro Rmx)
3. Consequence ft Kanye West & John Legend – Whatever U Want (JWLS Bootleg)
4. Bro Safari ft LeDoom – Tempora
5. Sazon Booya – Mis Armas
6. Pickster One – Mami Mueve
7. De Schuurman – Nu Ga Je Danse (La Muerta Remix)
8. Teen Wolf & Shelco Garcia – Fatmanbass
9. Dembowsky – Bambata (Di Di Di DJ Edit)
10. Hostage – Straight Raw
11. Cardopusher – Ella Es El Animal
12. Leo Justi – Hoje Eu To Moombahtonero
13. Munchi – Jimi Knows




We love Manu Chao on this blog, like we love our blessed mothers, and that’s saying something!

Monsieur Chao is a stickler for honesty & integrity and that’s why he stuck up an unofficial piece we did about him on our blog on his own official website over a year & half ago, much to our surprise & shock!

Goes to show that the GREAT ONE, amongst others, keeps an eye on the sometimes senseless meanderings we post on our wee but influential blog!

In keeping within the spirit of honesty &  integrity, this Kuduro remix by KJs almost works for me and I will deffo play it out but it’s still not anywhere near as great as the original track.  But, brave attempt boyz, in your defence, it’s nigh impossible to better the Chao originals and so you really had your work cut out! 🙂

Grab it for yourself and also make your own mind up about it:

Manu Chao – Clandestino (KJs remix) by KJs

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – Psychedelic Chicha and More! – Part 2

Art by Nafy Llanas

With last week’s post I received a few comments concerning the lack of chicha on it. After I cried and drank myself into a serious stupor I contacted them respectfully. Their comments were more than valid and in all honesty I’m grateful for them. All things worked out rather well and now I’m very pleased to bring you this week’s post which is mostly based on chicha. I focused last week’s mostly around psychedelic tracks and had a collection of tracks saved for this week that are mostly chicha and live instrumentation. It just seemed best to post them this way. In retrospect I should have combined them better in each part but that was the call I made. So fear not, this week is going to make up for the lack of chicha. Good thing though the people who commented felt the music was still really good from last week, so no worries there.

I found this to be the absolute perfect week to post about chicha due to the very recent release of ROOTS OF CHICHA special double vinyl edition. You can read more about that here For us however I’m going to focus on the underground, that means people like you and me, the under-paid (or seldom paid) laborers of love.

How better to start this week than this brilliant mix from Gnrl JIZ from France. Sampling from ROOTS OF CHICHA in a way that truly makes it very psychedlic. Dig this

[soundcloud url=”″]

All fans of Chicha and even more so the efforts of Rica Chicha should follow this account. I’m going to post my favorite tracks here.

[soundcloud url=”″]

[soundcloud url=”″]

There are lots of Rica Chicha videos and links on the web, you’d be well advised to dig in and explore for yourself. That being said I feel this is the best one for us to share here

Official website

Back to us now! Sorry I felt I had to share the Rica Chicha account here because hardly anyone is following it and damn it’s good. Digressing, I bring you back to the underground. The sounds of experimenting with chicha are greatly present in Sonido Chichadelico’s work. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY this guy is on top of the modern chicha game. It was really difficult choosing something from his library so I chose three very different sounding tracks. His work is awesome just listen for yourself

[soundcloud url=”″]

Awesome fusion with this one

[soundcloud url=”″]

A cool little mix, he knows his chicha

[soundcloud url=”″]

My new friend and contributor to my Facebook goup Alto Peru brought this to the nu cumbia scene recently. It’s really chill and belongs here

[soundcloud url=”″]

Alto Peru brings the tone of this post to where I want it to go next. Where is that? It’s here! Here with a reggae/dub feel. This bassline is classic with it’s groove and the lead guitar work is intoxicating. Piper St. Sound back again from last week

[soundcloud url=”″]

La Inedita has an incredible style of fusing dancehall, raggamuffin and chicha. I can’t get enough. I wish I found this account when I posted the cumbia reggae blog a few weeks back. Oh well I bring you La Inedita now fitting well with this week’s post

[soundcloud url=”″]

[soundcloud url=”″]

Like this page! a video of his was posted in my group and I couldn’t get it out of my head. Perfect timing too. From Mexico City Sonido Gallo Negro captures the chicha sound flawlessly. If you disagree with me… DON’T!

With a fat dubby bassline and psychadelic sound I wrap up this two parter with DJ Pinchado’s track

[soundcloud url=”″]


Two weeks ago I excitedly promoted the new album by Oscilador Bass. The title? ORIGINAL SOUND. I’m grateful to him for allowing me to preview it in its entirety. So grateful I wish to follow up at least for our Spanish speaking readers, with a link to his recent interview with Dos Mundos Radio conducted by Jose Antonio Matamoros Sanin. Jose Antonio too is a loyal reader and supporter of Sexxy Saturday Cumbia which makes me even more happy to share this with all of you. Here is the show and the playlist

Dos Mundos Radio July 27 Playlist
Joe Arroyo – Rebelion
Anita tijoux – 1977
Boogat & Lagartijeando – El Alto de La Paz
Ku Bo – Lefe feat.Anbuley
Oscilador – cumbia man
Control Machete feat Anita Tijoux – Come ves
Lido Pimienta – Buena Persona ( den5hion rmx)
Green Pepper Boy feat Anita Tijoux – Metatarzo
Sunsplash – A brave new me ( baile funk edit )
Carla Morrison – Lagrimas ( future feelings rmx)
Oscilador – Virgen de la Candelaria
Interview with Oscilador
Caetano Veloso – Tropicalia ( ATCR rmx)
Guapo Feo – Heartache
Javier Estrada – Eternal Night
Dj Munki – Club Connection 2
DJ JXT – Los Elotes
Siete catorce – lluvia
Julieta Venegas feat Anita Tijoux – Eres Para Mi ( Sonidero Nacional rmx)
El Remolon – Andres Landeros vs Madonna
jairo mendez – voyeurista
mueve maré – lido pimienta vs Daniel klauser
Sara Valenzuela – Esta vez ( fase remix) ( Lao edit)
Deize tigrona – Injecao ( Yapla rmx)
Sunsplash – interferencia ( patafunk rmx)
Interview with Sunsplash
Mr Kantiw – La Mexa
Lata – Ink jet Fiesta ( Pakongal remix)
Mr Kantiw – Chelos
Un Monoazul – Manimal (feat Lido Pimienta & Lili Saumet)

Last but not least, I can’t emphasize his greatness in words but a very special singer/songwriter passed away this week. I know he’s known for salsa but still I wish to respect him here. Joe Arroyo a truly great talent. His hit Rebelion was a song I’ve listened to at least a hundred times (seriously) and danced to who knows how many times, he will be missed and revered.


Bandish Projekt Feat. Shaai'r

Here’s something SPECIAL that was created in a very short space of time, as will be explained below.

It’s our boy, Mayur aka Bandish Projekt with our friend, and now a bona fide Bollywood movie star, the supremely talented, Monica Dogra from India’s leading Electronica act, Shaai’r & Func!

All I got to add is that there’s some SUBLIME original tracks to come from this duo and we’ll bring you more news about that in the near future.

Over to Mayur:

On Wednesday 13th July 2011 – the day of the 2nd wave of Mumbai bombings – Bandish Projekt (a.k.a. Mayur Narvekar) and Shaa’ir – from Shaa’ir & Func (a.k.a. Monica Dogra) joined Bobby Friction in the BBC Friction Lab to record a remixed track LIVE, in less than 2 hours!

What emerged was ’50 Ways to Leave and Come Back’ – a live mash up of the following 3 tracks.

All our thoughts were with all the people of Mumbai, and this track was dedicated to them.

Bandish Projekt Feat. Shaai’r – 50 ways to leave and come back (Free Download) by Bandish Projekt

Dhobi Ghat theme tune – by Gustavo Santaolalla

O Basanti Pawan Paagal – by Lata Mangeshkar (from the Movie ‘Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai’)

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover – by Paul Simons

*This recording took place at BBC Studios in Birmingham, England*
Watch the making of the track here.


Our brother JUAN DATA drops a new comp, check this out! The collective just released their debut album on July 19th called The Audio Refuge Compilation featuring 17 fresh songs ranging from traditional African and Arab folk, reggae and dubstep, hip-hop and new cumbia. The digital album also features a special bonus track featuring The Gift of Gab. Encompassing a wide variety of sounds including traditional African and Arab folk, reggae and dub-step, hip-hop and new cumbia, the SF-based Stronghold Sound presents its first in a line of releases, The Audio Refuge Compilation. Each track is both experiment and firm step in a direction that this group of global artists is putting forth to lovers of tradition and the dance floor.

Among the tracks on the release are a handful featuring the talented Alpha Oumar ‘Bongo’ Sidibe [Guinea] and his blend of Manding Roots and Afrobeat rhythms played by the solid Wontanara Revolution group. Gnawa Kronik [Tim A. Fuson, Ahmed Khouja] puts forth a couple tracks exploring the Saharan musical tradition along side renowned musician and imaam, Yassir Chadly [Morocco]. North-African groove band, The Dunes, gets a horn remix courtesy of dub Snakkr [Syria], who also puts forward a few grimey audio treats of his own including a couple featuring the lyrical skills of Iggy Mon [Trinidad].

FREE MP3: “Salchichón Primavera” Bondi Blaster Feat. Tami
FREE MP3: “Sabu Fanye” – Wontanara Revolution
and the:

•Stronghold Sound – Official Site
•Stonghold Sound – Facebook
•Stronghold Sound – Twitter
•Stronghold Sound – Soundcloud


Aaahhh! there’s a new player in the blogosphere! This is no big thing, since there are thousands of blogs started each day, but this one is kinda special. Go check out the peeps at – they have been dropping some steady free comps these last couple of weeks, which all contain the latest in speed merengue, speed mambo, kuduro and all other sorts of tropical goodness. Of course some of the comps contain some top40 type shit, just throw that away and keep the solid bangers. You know how to sort it right? grab these right here:

DominicanHITS.Com Presents Kuduro Dance Latino Verano 2011

DominicanHITS Presents: Merengue Electronico Vol. 3

DominicanHITS Presenta: Los Fuertes


More dub fusion from our man Process Rebel! Rowdy Limbo introduces a latin and soca-esque flavor into a monster dubstepper where unexpected drops and bridges set off funky fresh new vibrations and directions. Wicked riddim, crazy twists and turns. yep it’s a banger! 🙂

on the flip – the head-nodding Cool Talker sets an African jazz rhythmic structure to introduce a trumpet sample that fires off into a cut-up and improvised solo accounting the exploits of the cool talking sonic protagonist. A bit more laidback than the other one, but def great dancefloor stuff, although this could use a bare riddim edit, mr rebel, another great drop from SUBINFINITY!

SUB006 Rowdy Limbo/Cool Talker by processrebel

And because he’s such a nice guy, he’s giving away this other cut, which is another version of his ROWDY LIMBO cut called DIRTY LIMBO. food for the floor guys, dont sleep!

Dirty Limbo (Radio Dial Mix) !Free Download! by processrebel

Released by: Subinfinity Recordings
Release/catalogue number: SUB006
Release date: NOW! 2011



Reporting from Orwell dimension.

Last incidents with police in Spain disconnected me a little bit from the music . For the ones not very informed , we are having agresions every day in the most absurd situations.

It was so nice to hear some positive vibes from Dubmatix . One of Canada’s premiere dub, reggae & electro artist / producers.

This cover just amazed and abstracted me from the orwellian mood . As Dubmatix descrives “Was walking with the wife downtown a few weeks ago and heard these kids playing a brass band version of the tune in the street and loved it. Had to get back and do a version purely for fun. Style inspiration goes out to one of my fave’s – The Specials. “Ghost Town” is still in my top 10. Thanks to Prince Blanco as always and to the horn players for their contributions.”

Dubmatix ft. Prince Blanco & Dennis Alcapone – Seven Nation Army by dubmatix

He is also giving some nice freebies :

Dubmatix-Uptown Rockers by dubmatix

Dubmatix-Enter the dragon by dubmatix

Dubmatix-War, Peace & Dub by dubmatix

Get also his beautiful remix of the Bob Marley’s classic:

Bob Marley Is this Love (Dubmatix Re-Visioned) by dubmatix

If you didn’t visit his soundcloud page ,go check it !!! It’s a gem cave!!!