This was an interesting introverted week for me. I am here, a proud survivor of the world’s worst migraine! After calling into work all week and many hallucinations later I pulled together to bring you on a journey. A journey through a pulsating hallucinatory cumbia mind will unfold before your very ears.

At first things are going rather well. You pick up a good friend flying in from Mexico City, eat an affordable but filling dinner, and joke about old times. Things are swell. The mind is strong. Cruising through the night practicing blackjack on your iPhone you jam away to this

Thought that Mari Ya track was dope? Well then you’re no fool no matter what anyone else says about you (and trust me they say a lot of shit). You pass out feelin’ alright and six hours later after waking to a seemingly normal health something dark appears behind your eyes. Could it be….? Maybe but it might go away and leave you to your business. But still it lurks

Yep you’re beginning to come to terms with the fact that it is indeed something bad coming and it might plan to stay. By the by El Barba Dub’s track is golden and at the forefront of cumbia dub. It’s a trip and therefore belongs in your mind.

Throwing back a few over-the-counter pills and a wet cloth on your head you believe you’ll be back in business in no time. Then you vomit because you decided to venture out in the desert heat for lunch, a lunch you’ll never get to know. And you slip deeper

“What the hell is going on?” you think, “What did I eat, breathe, think about, do or not do to deserve this attack?” Maybe it’s the blood pressure…

Eat, perhaps that’ll help a bit. And it does but just a bit, a good thirty minutes or so

Back again! Just when you thought you were going to be okay. Best to call into work and have a lay down in a cold dark room and let the mind walk around a bit. Maybe it’s a cardio thing.

Take in an uplifting story (mind walk)

You need drugs this is ridiculous, day three and the hell continues. Even sex only helped momentarily. Digging in your friend’s cabinets you think you just might have struck gold, Vicoden with acetaminophen and what’s this…? Percocet! Now you’re in business, if your business involves annoying pain and hallucinations mixed with feeling amazing at the same time. An oxymoron in the physical being you take a trip through the sensations

Brilliant Rafael, brilliant journey friend, and thank you.

Deeper and deeper more sex, more pills and no end in sight, you fall into a place that sounds something or exactly like this

Learning of old home-made remedies sometimes proves to be not only cost efficient but rather healthy and surprising. Propping your body up due to fatigue you manage to pour baking soda on a tablespoon, drop it into a glass, and fill the rest with water. “A miracle of modern medicine!” you’ll proclaim. One comfortable hallucinatory sleep awaits one free of pain but full of Percocet and Vicoden. Sleep tight

In short I had a really bad migraine this week (In case you didn’t get this cryptic clue of a blog).


  1. Okay. So, I have always wanted to comment on this post. Of course it’s a month later. Go ADD. But, I wanted to say, I respected your style of blogging and reporting. I’d really, really enjoy e-mailing you on what you “do,” I put that in quotes because who the hell knows what anyone really does these days. I could be chopping trees in the forest for who really could tell…ellipsis. My e-mail is: [email protected]:disqus .com … Just want to have a quick chat on how you allocate and synchronize your mix choices and how you got involved with Generation Bass. I really respected you, and you guys, as a collective!
    Thanks so much,
    Ailsa Forlenza
    716 866 7764

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