Really excited about this new release by this dude who’s been making some noize now for a few years. He really didn’t fully register on my radar until now though with his new Electronic Dream mixtape, released a few weeks ago on June 14, 2011.

Go and grab it on iTunes.

And what a name too, albeit there’s nothing the least bit Arabic about his music!

This new mixtape he has dropped is just sooo fresh, fusing hip hop with dubstep and “trance”!!! with sweet syrupy vocal stylings of Luvstep, it’s an awesome and enthralling combination. It just takes you into another world and it’s a world you just don’t wanna leave. It’s mesmerising and hypnotic and also full of deeep emotion and cinematic Ennio Morriconesque collages, whilst at the same time, it’s careful not to betray the heavy & atmospheric dancefloor leanings of prime time dubstep/trance slots.

It’s altogether something new, invigorating and inspirational.

My producer of the moment! I can’t get enough of him!


Abraham Orellana, better known as “araabMuzik” is an American hip hop record producer of Dominican and Guatemalan descent. From Providence, Rhode Island, he first rose to fame after showcasing his skills of making live beats and instrumentals on a MPC drum machine on the internet. Being known to use MPC (which is widely used by various producers within the hip-hop genre) as an instrument, he has been able to stand out from many other musicians with his ability to produce rapid, rhythmic drum patterns as well as making melodies using various samples and other sounds all at once. He has worked with artists including Cam’ron & Vado, The Diplomats, Hell Rell, Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes and Fabolous amongst many others

araabMuzik’s production style mainly relies heavily on samples which are cut up and chopped on the MPC drum machine, alongside fast paced drum patterns involving rapid hi-hats and powerful kick drums. It is noted that he samples different types of music compared to many hip-hop producers who rely mainly on soul and jazz sampling, with araabMuzik using parts from electro and trance music.

He usually uses just an Akai Music Production Center drum machine to create his beats, but is also known for playing in keys by keyboard and sometimes uses live drums.


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