Another one of my men of the moment, shout out loud MOSILLATOR…now….if not now, you will be very soon, mark my words!

The real identity of this dude is a closely guarded secret, only a handful of people know who he is. Don’t ask me who he is cause if I told you my legs would be broken within 2 hours of divulging that information. All that I can tell you is that he claims to be from London, UK. I love my legs and so you’ll just have to wait and find out, if he ever decides to go public.

I am not a huge DnB person but this artist is really getting me into it man. I have heard original tracks that have just blown my mind. You will hear the tracks too soon. Straight dancefloor fyah meshed in with Transnational DnB, yep Transnational DnB with Flamenco and Indian vybz and more glitchy kinda stuff. If a parallel could be drawn with another artist, production-wise, I’d say Tipper!

For now to whet your appettites, here’s a supa-hero KILLA mix he has just delivered, listen to this baby, DnB, DrumSTeP & Dubstep mixed like a supa-pro!

MOSSILATOR..shout it out!

Mosillator set july by Mosillator

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