First off, MASSIVE RESPECT to DJ UMB for his continued support in allowing me to use Generation Bass as a place to share our work.

I’ve been in Philadelphia for the past 3 months working on projects not related to music but UMB treated a recent FREE release produced by Lokrian & myself as if I/we hadn’t missed a step and I appreciate that.


Produced with the “Transnational Dubstep” vibes in mind, Lokrian (Huddersfield, U.K.) and I (In California at the time) put these together via aim, and considering that major factor, I think we came up with a couple of really nice tunes for those of you into the deeper, more worldly tones.
The title track “Soma” was the first of the two to be produced a few months back and it has had some major support including being used in DJ UMB’s exclusive mix aired on Bobby Friction’s BBC Radio show earlier this year.
This uptempo tune is laced with melody, a wicked drum line, low end wubs, and vocal samples that made the hair stand up on the back of my neck once we had them spaced correctly.

The second tune “Kush” is a minimal piece with low end bass topped off with up-pitched middle eastern vocal samples. Spaces are filled with a nice set of congas and synths. Delay and reverb are used on selected elements to add an extra layer of depth.
If I’m remembering right Lokrian and I were listening to a lot of Kryptic Minds type tunes around the time we did this one and they were definitely an influence here.

In listening back to both tunes again I’ve realized we didn’t match the levels and “Kush” is a little quieter than “Soma.” We’ll hope you appreciate these as we have offered them.

You can download both of these from soundcloud and I would really like your feedback and comments there.
Lokrian & Fish Finger – Soma – FREE EP by crossroadsrecordsmusic
Lokrian & Fish Finger – Kush – FREE EP by crossroadsrecordsmusic
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Here’s another amazing tune from Lokrian and it’s also available for download.
Loose [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Lokrian

And here is proof that there is a collective of forward thinkers in Huddersfield. Formless has absolutely nailed this tune here. VIBES!
Primaudial by Formless (dsfm)

Here’s an older tune from Experiment1 & Twitchdubz that Ex found on his hard drive a few months back. It’s a minimal piece but worth the download and a play out somewhere chill.
Northern Lights [Twitchdubz & Experiment1] by Experiment1

Hot out of the studio, as in a few hours ago, here is a massive FREE EP from IFA!

I haven’t even had time to listen to any of these properly but I know from all of IFA’s previous work that they’ll be well worth playing out!


We’ll leave it at that this week, but look out for more posts in the near future!


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