His birthday was Saturday. He turned 18. And his production is INSANE. I ask him to knock out a mix for us at Generation Bass, and he gets it done with 12 hour notice. I’m BAFFLED.  I also listen to dubstep more than anything, and I’m blown away by a mix with NO dubstep in it.  So I suppose I have to drop my first Moombahton post.

Jay Fay resides in Saint Louis, Missouri. These tracks represent some of the stuff that he’s been playing out, and the music / producers that inspire him.  He put an unreleased track on the mix called ‘Clownz’ that he did in collaboration with artist and good friend of his, Ra Cailum, that will be coming out on his forthcoming EP.

There are tons of DJs in Saint Louis, but most of them follow a similar format, and it just gets tiring for Jay Fay. He’s been bringing a lot of music that isn’t heard in Saint Louis at all and people have been taking it really well, which is exciting to him. He tells me:

‘It’s definitely a great city to get a start in, especially doing it at such a young age compared to most of the other people in the field.  People have really been supportive to the music I make and the music I play out because it’s not heard in Saint Louis and it’s definitely really different than the stuff they’re used to DJs playing out”.

This guy just started making his own beats 9 months ago.  Be sure to check this mix, as it’s insane.  And follow his links… I have a feeling it’ll be worth your time.

Mirror: http://www.mediafire.com/?hkiswlh3h2f6848

Hangover (BaBaBa) (zAK-MATIC Remix) – Buraka Som Sistema
Hands Up Brazil (Double Up Riddim) – South Rakkas Crew (Feat. MC Gi & Mr. Dockery)
Drip – Curl Up
Look At Me (Bok Bok Remix) – Lil’ Scrappy
Run Up Get Done Up (Jay Fay Remix) – Da Banggaz
Tchiriri- Puto Cossa
Sabina – Nadastrom
The Switch (Skinny Friedman and DJ Ayres Remix) – Johnny Love
Bad Boys (Jay Fay Remix) – DJ Avedon
Squark (Moombahton Remix) – Roska
Completo – Freaky Philip
Sabro (Jay Fay Remix) – DJ Moms & the Amazinggaijin
Clownz- Jay Fay & Ra Cailum
Coconut (Feat. Bambounou) – French Fries
Dr Gonzo Anthem- Crookers
Lemme – Jim-E Stack
Bendin’ – Richelle
Marble Anthem – Marble Players





Thanks for this post DJ Nappy and possibly unbeknown to DJ Nappy, Generation Bass Digi have been in talks with Jay Fay for a few months now about a Moombah EP and so watch out for that too on our label in the imminent future!



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