1. I have a lot of love for  Gen Bass, y’all have a very important role in this movement.
    But in case you hadn’t noticed, we are sold cars, sneakers, or just about everything else via pictures like this. Can I get my bass music sans exploitative tits & ass? That’s not even mentioning the racial component. I doubt she produced this track, or sang on it, or is even the girlfriend of the producer…. so exactly who is this woman?I know you are just posting the associated art from soundcloud. In this case would have been more better without an image. Great track btw, too bad already hit it’s download limit.

    1. Yep artwork not my choice Greg, it is associated with the track and whilst I share your sentiments, I ain’t going to censor the guys artwork…and he has a right to put out whatever artwork he chooses…It’s not as bad as some..but I agree with where you are coming from..

      On second thoughts, and after having looked at the pic properly for the first time after your comment, maybe I should have stuck something else up instead..I honestly did not pay the pic that much attention as that kinda thing does not turn me on…lol..

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