This weekend I’m waking some sleeping giants and presenting some very well awaken giant’s awesome new work. If this makes sense to you then we’ll be good friends, if it doesn’t then hang in there and you’ll get it in time.

It’s been a healthy week for me with no migraines. A breath of fresh air considering the hell I was in last week. Thank you to all whom contacted me with your concerns and like stories. Now grab a glass of whatever you’re in the mood to drink (in my case milk) and give a serious listen to these great tracks.

This first one came to me last minute after I decided what was going up here. It has been a pleasant discovery including pleasant conversations with its creator DJ Overdress hailing from Berlin. I’ve dabbled and dibbled with Balkan styling but not to this degree

Another one I can’t believe hasn’t got its fair attention comes from DrCr4ck or Victor Chang down in Lima Peru. I can’t believe it took me three months to get to it. It’s very electronic and constant with digital surprises

My good local colleague and instigator of unique events put this video together a ways back. Djentrification will stick to his vinyl no matter what you or anyone else thinks and I commend him for it. You can see this guy all over the Phoenix night life from his weekly Tuesday and Friday events at Bikini Lounge to his Saturday vinyl world music showcase at the Filmbar downtown. Watch and learn how he does it, a true master and most definitely swell guy.

Watch here!

Yspolon has impressed my senses since I first heard of him. I love his desire for the experimental. He goes at it without fear and comes up with some of the most unique productions. I can’t say much with words about this track because words just won’t do it any justice. I’ll try, imagine old Japan synthesized and mixed with cumbia (see, no justice)

I’m more than familiar with Los Tigrillos’ Bailame so when I saw DJ r2d2’s new remix of it labeled electro-cumbia I was intrigued to say the least. To be honest it starts a little dull but I found that was a blessing due to where it goes from there. The dull average intro merges into something quite unique. His remix will take you on a trip you won’t want to end. In short it’s dope so give it some love

Now get up to this next jam! Enrikisimo knocks it out of the park with this driving mix and mash of tropical badness. This is the track I’d bring to the aliens to represent what tropical means. Respect made to the Colombian legends La Sonora Dinamita, Enriksimo doesn’t hold back on innovation and for that I’m grateful

Five months ago DJ Linterna and Teswuino came together to produce by far the funkiest cumbia I’ve ever heard. From Dallas and Toronto I bring you their funky Slow Ride

A trip down memory lane (at least for me), is where my mind went with these last two. When I heard Third World Orchestra’s remix of Crockett’s Theme it sent pleasant chills down my spine. Miami Vice was THE show to say the least. Plus the picture of Sledge Hammer did me in. That was one of my favorite shows growing up. Not sure what it has to do with this song except the similarities of the name Hammer and Jan Hammer the composer. I guess I’ll ask. And yes I’m that old

The Flintstones, yes I said The Flintstones. If you let him (which I strongly suggest you should) Kiru is going to take you on a special trip filled with interesting mashups


Ok cumbieros sit back, drink your milk and dig in!





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