I have posted some stuff on this dude last week, mainly because it fascinated me that someone would actually try to blend GABBER or Hardcore Techno, with Reggaeton or MOOMBAHTON! And where most of these blends are usually based on tempo or feel, the two genres couldnt be further apart as far as I’m concerned. So, two weeks later, and LA MUERTA has answered some questions I shot over there via his SOUNDCLOUD, which is reaching some crazy numbers right now… The latest thing he has put on there is a sick refix of DE SCHUURMAN, or DE SHUURMAN as he has called it 🙂

Hi La Muerta! please introduce yourself to our readers?
-Ok, My name is Adelio, I work as LA MUERTA and I make GABBAHTON music!

How did you come up with this new genre? Is it a genre?
-I come from a city called Culiacan, a very boring city with lots of farmers. My friends have parties though sometimes, and they play more hardcore or fast techno. But their girlfriends always ask if the dj’s can play reggaeton or slow pop songs, so they can dance. So one time I did a mix with techno and reggaeton and from there it grew. I don’t know if it is a genre, I just know it is a lot of fun to do and play!!!

Do you read any music blogs at all? what does your local scene look like?
-I read sometimes the blogs like FADER and now I also know GENERATION BASS!!!!!! hahahahahahahaha! Local musicians, most of them play in rock bands or play more traditional songs. There is of course also the TRIBAL and the Narcocorridos and modern Rap and Hiphop. Now I know about MOOMBAHTON, which is an amazing genre! Nice beats and nice vibes!

-So what’s the plan? Any releases upcoming? more tracks coming?
Right now I have no plans. I have just finished school and am ready for more producing, but maybe people will get sick of the sounds, you will never know! Some people have contacted me via the SOUNDCLOUD, The people from MOVELT POSSE have contacted me about a remix and I am working on some other remixes for songs, but right now I just follow my own heart to make music I think has a nice vibe and has some swing to it! and if anybody wants a LA MUERTA track they can always find me hahahahahahahaha!

Thanks man! here below are some new LA MUERTA tracks from his soundcloud and there is one exclusive track that will be ONLY on generation bass!

DES – That’s Right (La Muerta Remix) by La Muerta

De Shuurman – Nu Ga Je Danse (La Muerta Remix) by La Muerta

and a special exclusic ORIGINAL cut by LA MUERTA, influenced by the CARNIVAL traditions…!
La Muerta – Martes de Carnaval by La Muerta

and a very special IN JUST NOW remix… HALO NOVA!
Halo Nova – Panty Raid (La Muerta Remix) by La Muerta


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