Fantastic mix of Thai Funk & Rock n Roll to start this week from Lowdjo, followed by some wonky futurism from Debian Blak and finally some tropical Balkan vybz courtesy of Superstereo.
HEY GUESS WHAT?!? I’m getting married this weekend! Then I’m off to Montenegro for my honeymoon! So I may or may not get time to write these posts over the next couple of weeks. I know, I know, what will you do without me, right?


This is EPIC. I love it when a mixtape opens up a whole rich vein of music I had no idea about, and this tape from Lowdjo – showcasing some of his discoveries from a trip to Thailand – does just that. Thai style rock n roll, funk, and some less pigeon-hole-able sounds with a bunch of Thai covers of Western classics (some highlights: at 14 minutes, play that funky music, ladyboy & at 33 minutes the James Brown cover (Meesak Nakaratch – Luk Ron) is immense, and at 56 minutes a double helping of Thai-Boney-M, which has filled a void in my life I never knew existed). If you’re thinking that all sounds a bit novelty there is some really atmospheric, interesting stuff on here too, like the tune around 46 minutes which has a real Ethiopiques / RZA feel, ripe for slapping on a Jim Jarmusch soundtrack.

(btw I found a site with a download link for a bunch of these tunes… Thai Funk)

Thaï Style by Lowdjo

Louis Kennedy – Pu Yai Lee
The Son of P.M. – Asava Leela (Guaracha)
Sripal Jaipra – YomMaBan TaLangKan (Officer Of Hell’s Announcement)
Re-Generation – Nan Nan Pob Gan Tee (Long Time No See)
Don Sornrabeab – Mao (Drunk)
Plearn Promdan – Rum Kum Samong
Sroeng Santi – Kuen Kuen Lueng Lueng
The Son of P.M. – Su Ki Ya Ki (Sloopy)
Kana TNT – Kod Hang Kam
The Son of P.M. – Rose Rose I Love You (A Go-Go)
Soreng Santi – Dub Fai Kui Gun
Meesak Nakaratch – Luk Ron
The Son of P.M. – Arabian Song (Guaracha)
Plearn Promdan – Kosok Tee Det
Sangthong Seesai – Kam Kao (Old Karma)
Dao Bandon – Me Jom Ka Lon
Plearn Promdan – Ying Ting
The Generation – Racing
Royal Sprite – Yang Hai Mun Kong
Panadaa Chayapark – Rus Pu Tin
Pranee Thanasri – Chown Tur Ten Rum
Nakplang Krumklowna – Disco Tour
Chairai Chaiyata & Sawanee Pattana – Khown Tai Doey Loak Puin

Debian Blak

Future garage & wonkysoul in this mix from the man who just dropped the excellent (and free) Hint of Menace EP. Sublime stuff right here. Blue Daisy – Space Ex around 33 minutes is on some straight up Goonies shit.

Debian Blak Live/DJ Eclectic Mix by Debian Blak

Debian Blak (live) – Woods (Bon Iver)
Mount Kimbie – Carbonated
Debian Blak (live) – Tantalise
Eliphino – You’ll Know
Kidkanevil – The Floating World (Eliphino remix)
Burial – Stolen Dog
Keir – Opprobrium
Blue Daisy – Fall
Debian Blak – TISW (Today I Should Win)
Debian Blak – Karmasutrellicwa
Blue Daisy – Space Ex
Kano – Spaceship
Girl Unit – Wut
Of Porcelain – Signal The Captain


A little adventure through the Superstereo sound, a collision of Balkan, Kuduro, House & Moombah…

Bubble mix (balkan can you hear me?) by djSuperStereo

01:SuperStereo:Message (intro)
02:Dj Emil vs. Markku Lepistö:Run Tings
03:Riva Starr:Fanfare One (Mud Moombahton edit)
04:Bongo: Kaboo (Neki Stranac Moombahton Edit)
05:Slap InThe Bass:Padrino (SuperStereo Moombahton Edit)
06:Opium Flirt:Ratatouille (Bert On Beats remix)
07:El Raspadito-(Dj Sharon remix)
08:Afrojack feat. R3hab:Aces High (Prutata) original mix
09:Mama Diaspora vs Yuriy Gurzhy:Secret Agent
09:Schlachthofbronx:Chambacu (Bob-rub Killer Kreft Verk rmx)
10:Soulja Boy:Pretty Boy Swag (Danilo remix)
11:Dem Slackers:Let’s go (Bart B More “Lessgo” remix)
12:Vete (Uproot Andy rmx)-Antony Santos
13:Green Velvet:La la land (Tommie Sunshine and Kassiano remix)


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