Swiftly approaching on Saturday the 16th is a party so big, so extra jammed packed with sabor, it should be referred to as SABADO GIGANTE! (Shout out to Don Francisco)

PELIGROSA! — a most gigantic fiesta our fair city has not seen the likes of, brought to you by Heineken, curated by Remezcla, & birthed by our primos down south, the Peligrosa All-Stars.


DJ Orion has amassed a wolfpack of disc jockey’s and producers – ferocious & talented, intent on dance floor decimations. It has become quite the tribe, evolving in the past two years as our Latin sound explodes and fragments in a hundred million directions, joined back together in a familial unity that binds us in something that can only be referred to as a MOVEMENT.

With so many heads from near and far stepping up to lace the decks, it’s going to be a most wepa affair, with the lineup including Geko Jones, DJ Sabo, Jubilee, Venus X & so many more…so much more that there’s even a rumor of a certain creature in the building that is credited with the very inception of Moombahton.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself here, but those involved have outdone themselves. The human beings assembled in the name of culture and sounds is impressive and almost overwhelming. Saturday, I expect, might prove to be as big as as we can imagine, as giant as our very Evolution.


there’s more :

In preparation – to get you nice and open for Saturday night, in a weekend tan sucia…

Friday we have iBomba Lite!


Housed in Bushwick’s Beauty Bar for the summer, the iBomba crew, Mios Dio & DJ Beto, will be joined by Austin’s King Louie of Peligrosa fame and DJ Dice coming to us from the Windy City and representing the Chicago Dead Beats.

Download the brand new cumbiaton mix from DJ Dice here, consisting of mostly originals:

And a great summer mix from King Louie and DJ Orion:


it’s going to be one for the books — ¡ Preparate !




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