Awesome mixtape exclusive to Generation Bass of a MexiNu genre that exploded on the scene a couple of years ago in the form of a mixtape by Paul Devro who was introduced to it via Toy Selectah!

Here’s what they say:

About 2 years ago, our friend Paul Devro introduced us to a crazy strain of underground club music from Mexico he called “Treeval”. This music, which appeared to be mostly produced and played by kids around the age of 16 in Monterrey, Mexico, seemed to be something we were always waiting to come around. Over the past 2 years, DJs and producers of all sorts (inside and outside of Mexico) have picked up on the sounds of “3ball” (as it’s now most commonly referred to) and incorporated it into their club music arsenals. Likewise, we’ve been itching to put together a mix that was our interpretation of the evolution and assimilation of the sound by contemporary club producers. We finished this mix back in Spring, and are proud to present “La Musica Trival Vol. 1” as a Generation Bass exclusive. This mix is a tribute to the evolution of the genre, and its pioneers that continue to weird us all out with their take on contemporary Mexican club music:

lA mUsIcA tRiVaL vol. 1 by Expendable Youth

Expendable Youth – “Heyo (Javier Estrada Remix)”
Hinojosa & Zambrano ft. David Quijada- “Macumba (Sheeqo Beat Extended Remix)”
French Fries – “Laquisha (feat. Taiwan)”
DJ [email protected]@l Mix – “Tik Tak Bubbling”
DJ p0o0o0o0ny – “Tik Tak Style Tribal”
DJ Parra – “La Zaucenita”
Shaun-D – “Spanish Fly (Kingdom remix) (Canblaster Tribal Edit) (Expendable Youth Edit)”
DJ Clap Pina & DJ Skay – “A Mover La Cadera”
DJ Tork – “This Way Tribal”
Roska – “Jackpot (LOL Boys VIP)”
DJ Otto – “Soy El Diablo”
DJ Palis – “Viva Mexico”
DJ Clap Pina & 3kOo DJ – “Zirambinha”
DJ Hernan Mix – “Elecktriball!”
French Fries – “Senta (VIP)”
Julius Sylvest – “Phil Collins”
DJ Dracke & Danny Producer – “Heart Broken (Expendable Youth Remix)”
DJ Erick Rincon & DJ Tetris – “I Wanna Dance”
Gucci Vump – “Shashtilism (Erick Rincon Remix)”
DJ Clap Pina – “Ema Cohema (Edit)”
DJ Esteban Valdez – “Silvando Mi Ritmo (Tribal vs Perreo)”
DJ Thobe – “Muevete (Tribal vs Perreo)”
DJ Cobra – “Back Fot (Expendable Youth Tribal vs. Perreo edit)”
DJ Alan Rosales – “Cachete (The Launch) (Tribal Mix)”
Roska – “Squark (French Fries Guarachero Mix)”
Uproot Andy – “Botellon (Toy Selectah 3ball Remix)”
Untold – “Anaconda (Dubbel Dutch VIP)”
Imperial Tiger Orchestra – “Djemeregne (Canblaster Tribal)”

BONUS: FREE Download of our TribalvsPerreo edit of DJ Cobra’s “Back Fot” featured in the mix here:

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  1. hellllllllyesh!!!! this is my favorite genre of the year and this make showcases it lovely!!(and proper)!!

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