My first song I posted on my first Sexxy Saturday Cumbia post was by Oscilador Bass and now he’s back on here with his new album that has been in the works for quite some time. I have been highly anticipating this release and I’m excited as well as copiously (thanks online thesaurus) fortunate to be able to present it to you my fellow cumbieros.

Titled ORIGINAL SOUND, (which truly does it justice) the album contains an array of surprising styles. Starting with Celso Pina, going to reggae, to styles completely original with the collaborative efforts of El Gayo Negro and Leones Negros all the while staying true to new cumbia and deep dub, the album encompasses this unique plethora of ideas effortlessly. I hope this paragraph makes sense, I might be over-stepping the bounds of my writing ability in order to describe the arguably indescribable.

I think Osciladors “liner notes” about the history of the album might just be the best route for me to take in describing it;

original sound is a sound odyssey directed by a robot that came to earth from a place called cumbia, the story begins when the supreme being on a journey of recognition throughout the land where you realize that humanity is full of problems and differences, and decide to create a sound that will bring delight to all mankind, with drums, trumpets and accordions sound carries the flavor inugualable every corner of your new crossing mundo.dentro this robot was collecting all the sounds of world in order to understand and transmit them to your next generation of musical explorers­.”

Now if you’re ready have a listen for yourself

A creative piece of work to say the least, well to say the least I’d probably go with “mind blowing.”

If you enjoy these please feel an immense obligation to purchase the album on iTunes. If you live in the U.S. Oscilador Bass will be performing a few cities.

August 19th – 20th in Oakland and 25th , 26th  and 27th in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, California. As well as September 1st, 2nd and 3rd in Chicago. More dates are sure to come so please contact him for more.


It has been a brilliant week for new-nu cumbia uploads on the cloud and I felt it would be unfair not to share them here to end out the week.

Sonido Rural slipped this track online without warning any of us. But we found it! And we love it!

I can’t keep this one quiet either. I’ve been digging Add On de Bass for a while now and this track is the exactly the reason why. It’s intoxicating

A re-upload and thank God he did because I missed it the first time. Den5hion I promise a surprise post featuring you soon. When you least expect it! But not today, today I bring this dope-as-all-hell piece

Last but definitely not least (actually my personal favorite this week) is Pa Kongal’s (sorry, KongalKongal’s, I’ll ask him about the name change later) cumbia electronico masterpiece. This one hits me deep

It’s been fun and I hope this post speaks to all of you seeking the nu cumbia experience!

Stick with me kids there’s lots more to come!

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