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First of all I want to thank UMB to invite me to join the Generation Bass Crew , and being so patient and gentle with me .

I was thinking ….How can I contribute ? Moombahton, Dubstep, Cumbia?

Uhm… I think the rest of the buddies are doing a great job with it .

I know !!!! I’m going to bring the Hips Factor!! A few of you know me, shared stage with me or just danced with me , and you know .. I’m a dj for the ladies !!!!!

So I’ll be posting the most relaxed, sweet and hips-shaker transnational music . Of course if I find on my way a great cumbia, moombathon or whatever track i’ll be sharing it here .

I’ve planned a totally different post , but magic happens !!!!

The magic of Generation Bass, that apart from being a great blog is an amazing community.

It all began in the luvstep facebook group. I posted Andreya Triana’ – Draw the stars, which is a huge luv track with an hypnotic intro that catchs me every time I listen to it.

A few seconds after , Fleck liked my link , and i just commented- Fleck Rmx ?

24 hours later, Fleck just drop me this sweet remix of it , telling me he didn’t sleep cause he was working on that remix. It’s amazing how 2 people connected by mediterranean blood in two countries under a revolution, just get connected. So I became the mediterranean musa for this beauty.

Andreya Triana – “Draw the stars” (FLeCK remix) by FLeCK

He couldn’t define better the vibe, which I want to contribute in GB.

That’s just magic, let’s magic happen !!!!!

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