Celt Islam is back with a new EP independently released on Bandcamp and it’s a corker.

As always, Celt Islam is an artist who is uncompromising, non-conformist and to his credit remains resolutley proud of his Muslim heritage in spite of the current backlash against all things Islamic!  The mere name Celt “Islam” and the associated imagery is likley to turn a lot of people off his music because of the current, innacurate and incorrect, western view on all things Islamic.   At the same time, it will turn some, of the more open-minded folk, who have not brought into the western smear campaign against all things Islamic, onto his music!

Celt specialisizes in something we call “Sufi Dub” and “Transnational Dubstep”!  A track of his also appeared on our recent Transnational Dubstep compilation.

This new EP is serious stuff and if you open your mind to it, it will have you whirling like  a Dervish, lost in deep transcendental meditation & thought that defines the very essence of spirituality!

In other words, it BANGS HARD but feels SOFT!

Grab it now:

Grab a free Gary Numan remix he did as the freebie:

Films by Gary Numan { CeLt IsLaM Rendition } Limited Free Download by Celt Islam

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