Born & raised in Chicago’s South Side, the cradle of the house music, DJ Roc (the Crack Capone as he likes to be named) is of this new generation of producers who grew up listening to ghetto house since their earliest childhood. Discovering production and djing at the beginning of 2000s, Clarence quickly settles down in the local scene by founding the collective BOTC (Bosses Of The Circle), and putting out the Juke City releases, in association with legendary DJ Slugo.Master of horror-juke in the states, the filiation between Nightmare Juke Squad and the native of the Chocolate City is clear.

Whether it is in the musical influences, the choices of samples or the production work. The powerful and intoxicating energy of juke is perfectly illustrated in this EP offering us among some of the most beautiful Juke and Footwork tracks ever produced. Featuring this six tracks EP, the epic “Killa Combo” opens perfectly the hostilities, followed by ” Dino Purple Kush ” and its cutting gimmick and the dark “Duel Of Fates”. A real guru of the circles of footwork, DJ Roc pushes away ceaselessly the limits of the syncopation, transporting the listener in the streets of the southside of the Windy City… check this shit out man, it’s awesome symphonic JUKE…his latest release on PLANET MU was good, but this is like totally unreal..

Dj Roc – Killa Combo [BCR0008] by Booty Call Records

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