From true Chicha of Peru to psychedelic craziness from the rest of the world, this week we go on a trip featuring the latest greatest tracks for mind funking!

I’ve been a fan and I’m sure you’ve all been fans too of Coya Boyz (that’s boys with a “z”). It would be a crime to not feature them here even amongst all the many blogs that already do. It would be a crime and I’m not a good criminal (I’ll squeal under pressure, especially if there is a reward offered). I love the guys therefore I wish to start this week’s blog with a couple of their newest promo videos

They’re awesome don’t you agree? If you don’t then you’re a racist islamaphobe anti-semite. An oxymoron you say? Well then you’re an oxymoron, yeah you, you oxymoron!

Caballo my predecessor, bring us more!

Digging deeper into the psychedelica (and I really dug) I found this brilliant track by retroVisor. Simply and perfectly titled Chicha! This honestly blew me away. I’m grateful I found it. I hope you’ll be grateful too. 8 months ago and no one told me!

I found an unbelievable amount of great material this week, so much in fact that there will be a second part to this blog which will appear next week. I feel it is best this way so I can let it all sink in fairly and get everyone good exposure without flooding, or maybe I’m just lazy and don’t want to come up with another theme next week. Either way trust me it’s best.

Let’s continue with something I think may just hurt your brain. I fell in love with this just from the title alone. Then when I pressed play it delivered something even more unique than I had imagined. It’s crazy to say the least. Mozart-Digital-Chicha! Let me know what you think

I’ve been wanting to post something from Jin Yerei here for a while and felt that this week was perfect. Jin’s style is house based and very different from anyone else I’ve heard. I’ll let the music speak for itself

I’m happy to bring Piper St. Sound to Sexxy Saturday Cumbia. Piper made an excellent mashup that fits exremely well into a psychedelic category in my opinion

Grita and Bigote are simply amazing. I love their graveton style. They blend together world music brilliantly with electronics. But you know this. If you don’t then this video explains it all

Graveton Cristiano – Grita y Bigote

Wrapping up part one is best with one of Bigote’s latest

Next week I will dig deeper and focus on Chicha more. There will be more live instrumentation and history. I love Chicha,with my background in live music it hits close to home. I wish to do it justice by dedicating part two of this psychedelic series to it.


    1. How so? This blog post is a collection of psychadelic cumbia work and some based off of Chicha. Remember this isn’t only about traditional bands but mostly focuses on new work from new producers that fuse old ideas with new ones. I don’t think anyone is confused here.

    2. Also I implore you to check out part 2, it’s a lot different and focuses on truer Chicha. I didn’t add the tracks for next week here because they fit better together on a separate post. Trust me keep an eye out for it and you’ll see what I mean.

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