If you follow this blog or any other blog that sweats moombahton, you’re familiar with the amount of free-digital EP’s, full length albums and v.a. compilations, and the staggering amount of dem-bow beats quickly filling up hard drives.  Let’s be honest, we’re knee deep in an era where dudes and gals can throw some beats up on the web and call it a release, and as a person obsessed with collecting music and it’s getting to a point where I need to start being super picky.  The soundcloud, digital age has gotten out way out of control, with a endless hours, days even years of music.   It’s just physically impossible to hear everything and have that shit sustain a high-quality threshold!  But that’s why dudes like GB are hear, to filter out all the bad and bring you the goods.  So let’s have it then!

We’re really feeling these Starfoxxx dudes from Chicago (Erick De La Rosa, David Beltran, Fabe Goldar), and they make really tight, well crafted beats.  Their soundcloud is filled with everything from electro to Chicago style juke, so there’s no shortage to what these guys can pull off.  Choice tracks on their debut Boomblast E.P. includes remixes of  ‘Body Movin’ and Cajmere’s ‘Perculator’ which does just that! It perculates!    The lead track ‘Boomblast’ just comes strong with menacing sirens and rich percussion arrangements and hot change ups, branding a style that’s truly theirs.  And wait, they weren’t finished, so they come at you once again with ‘Boomblast’ (Part II) – love sequels!  That’s it,  bringing you the goods!  Download this E.P. for free, you’ll be talking about it for days.


Download:  STARFOXXX – BOOMBLAST E.P.  (If you dig it, donate!)

1.  Pull up

2.  Boomblast

2.  Cajmere’s Perculator (moombahton remix)

4.  Boomblast (part II)

5 . Jay Z – Change Clothes (Starfoxxx moombahton remix)

6.  Beastie Boys – Body Movin’ (Starfoxxx remix)



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