As you might imagine, we at GB get a LOT of mail. We get some stuff that’s right up our alley, some that gets thrown in the junk right away, and there’s some stuff that’s cool, but hard to place on our blog. For instance, we get TONS of new hiphop stuff sent here, TONS of exclusives etc etc, but a lot of it, to be honest, is shit… and we dont want to bore you with mediocre crap now do we?

But sometimes, there’s some pretty good stuff in the rubble, so I decided to bring some of it together for you. I’ve made a little zip with these 6 songs, so you can easily download em, instead of having to sort through promo babble and ratings, like I did.

First off we have a new DJ KHALED joint, produced by LEX LUGER, anybody who’s been following hiphop the last year know what that means.. heavy ass 808 banger with gangsta lyrics. this beat is another instant classic man, grab it.

Up next is LIL WAYNE’s wonderboy DRAKE. He’s dropping another very soulful track, nice easygoing beat with some weird guitar sounds in the back (is that jeezy???) but a great one if you want to get some grinding ladies on the dancefloor.

NY’s FRED THE GODSON drops a real dancehall vibe with his banger BRONX LOCK DOWN, assisted by vocalist BITTA BLOOD, who takes the second verse to the next level with his singjay style!

Newbie HYPNOTIQ rocking a solid beat, I can’t find the producer of this one, but it sounds like a typical LEX LUGER production. Or someone biting his style… The track is ok, the first verse is strong, second one is bit generic, third verse is just plain wack. but the track will def go off in the right crowd!

And last but def not least we have some blunted vibes by one of the hottest upcomers these last couple of years, WIZ KHALIFA, featuring CURREN$Y or however you spell that name 🙂 This is a good one, more of an oldschool hiphop feel, with a nice lush beat and oriented on lyrics more than the effect of a hard hitting beat. good track!

And just when I was about to drop the post, another promo dropped in… not by the least of people… JAY-Z and KANYE WEST drop their freestyle sounding tribute to the late great OTIS REDDING in this amazing song called “Otis”. I’m digging this man, seriously soulful vibes here with the two powerhouses of rap on top of the beat. Cant go wrong with this one…

Now that i’ve sorted it all out for you and you’ve heard the tracks – GRAB THE COMPLETE ZIP WITH THESE 6 TRACKS HERE…

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