Our and everyone’s favorite Germans SCHLACHTHOFBRONX have just dropped an amazing track for the HARD ASS SESSIONS series on ENCHUFADA and of course our boy Adelio aka EL JEFE DE GABBATHON – LA MUERTA has jumped all over it and chopped it into argueably his best cut so far. GABBATHON has come of age with this cut. Well… at least it’s starting to reach it’s early puberty? Downloads are going hella fast so I’ve thrown the cut up on mediafire as well. be quick…

The new hard ass sessions features BRENMAR / KRY WOLF / CARDOPUSHER / SCHLACHTHOFBRONX and has just hit the digi shops. Another full on KUDURO influenced banger, so grab it while it be hotttt..

Schlachthofbronx – Backup Run (La Muerta Remix) by La Muerta

As een added bonus, our homie Adelio also shared a coool video with us of his HALO NOVA remix, created by HECTOR HEATHCOTE, cool and very funny!

Halo Nova – Panty Raid (La Muerta Remix) vs Go Go Drums from hector heathcote on Vimeo.

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