We love Manu Chao on this blog, like we love our blessed mothers, and that’s saying something!

Monsieur Chao is a stickler for honesty & integrity and that’s why he stuck up an unofficial piece we did about him on our blog on his own official website over a year & half ago, much to our surprise & shock!

Goes to show that the GREAT ONE, amongst others, keeps an eye on the sometimes senseless meanderings we post on our wee but influential blog!

In keeping within the spirit of honesty &  integrity, this Kuduro remix by KJs almost works for me and I will deffo play it out but it’s still not anywhere near as great as the original track.  But, brave attempt boyz, in your defence, it’s nigh impossible to better the Chao originals and so you really had your work cut out! 🙂

Grab it for yourself and also make your own mind up about it:

Manu Chao – Clandestino (KJs remix) by KJs


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