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With last week’s post I received a few comments concerning the lack of chicha on it. After I cried and drank myself into a serious stupor I contacted them respectfully. Their comments were more than valid and in all honesty I’m grateful for them. All things worked out rather well and now I’m very pleased to bring you this week’s post which is mostly based on chicha. I focused last week’s mostly around psychedelic tracks and had a collection of tracks saved for this week that are mostly chicha and live instrumentation. It just seemed best to post them this way. In retrospect I should have combined them better in each part but that was the call I made. So fear not, this week is going to make up for the lack of chicha. Good thing though the people who commented felt the music was still really good from last week, so no worries there.

I found this to be the absolute perfect week to post about chicha due to the very recent release of ROOTS OF CHICHA special double vinyl edition. You can read more about that here For us however I’m going to focus on the underground, that means people like you and me, the under-paid (or seldom paid) laborers of love.

How better to start this week than this brilliant mix from Gnrl JIZ from France. Sampling from ROOTS OF CHICHA in a way that truly makes it very psychedlic. Dig this

All fans of Chicha and even more so the efforts of Rica Chicha should follow this account. I’m going to post my favorite tracks here.

There are lots of Rica Chicha videos and links on the web, you’d be well advised to dig in and explore for yourself. That being said I feel this is the best one for us to share here

Official website

Back to us now! Sorry I felt I had to share the Rica Chicha account here because hardly anyone is following it and damn it’s good. Digressing, I bring you back to the underground. The sounds of experimenting with chicha are greatly present in Sonido Chichadelico’s work. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY this guy is on top of the modern chicha game. It was really difficult choosing something from his library so I chose three very different sounding tracks. His work is awesome just listen for yourself

Awesome fusion with this one

A cool little mix, he knows his chicha

My new friend and contributor to my Facebook goup Alto Peru brought this to the nu cumbia scene recently. It’s really chill and belongs here

Alto Peru brings the tone of this post to where I want it to go next. Where is that? It’s here! Here with a reggae/dub feel. This bassline is classic with it’s groove and the lead guitar work is intoxicating. Piper St. Sound back again from last week

La Inedita has an incredible style of fusing dancehall, raggamuffin and chicha. I can’t get enough. I wish I found this account when I posted the cumbia reggae blog a few weeks back. Oh well I bring you La Inedita now fitting well with this week’s post

Like this page! a video of his was posted in my group and I couldn’t get it out of my head. Perfect timing too. From Mexico City Sonido Gallo Negro captures the chicha sound flawlessly. If you disagree with me… DON’T!

With a fat dubby bassline and psychadelic sound I wrap up this two parter with DJ Pinchado’s track


Two weeks ago I excitedly promoted the new album by Oscilador Bass. The title? ORIGINAL SOUND. I’m grateful to him for allowing me to preview it in its entirety. So grateful I wish to follow up at least for our Spanish speaking readers, with a link to his recent interview with Dos Mundos Radio conducted by Jose Antonio Matamoros Sanin. Jose Antonio too is a loyal reader and supporter of Sexxy Saturday Cumbia which makes me even more happy to share this with all of you. Here is the show and the playlist

Dos Mundos Radio July 27 Playlist
Joe Arroyo – Rebelion
Anita tijoux – 1977
Boogat & Lagartijeando – El Alto de La Paz
Ku Bo – Lefe feat.Anbuley
Oscilador – cumbia man
Control Machete feat Anita Tijoux – Come ves
Lido Pimienta – Buena Persona ( den5hion rmx)
Green Pepper Boy feat Anita Tijoux – Metatarzo
Sunsplash – A brave new me ( baile funk edit )
Carla Morrison – Lagrimas ( future feelings rmx)
Oscilador – Virgen de la Candelaria
Interview with Oscilador
Caetano Veloso – Tropicalia ( ATCR rmx)
Guapo Feo – Heartache
Javier Estrada – Eternal Night
Dj Munki – Club Connection 2
DJ JXT – Los Elotes
Siete catorce – lluvia
Julieta Venegas feat Anita Tijoux – Eres Para Mi ( Sonidero Nacional rmx)
El Remolon – Andres Landeros vs Madonna
jairo mendez – voyeurista
mueve maré – lido pimienta vs Daniel klauser
Sara Valenzuela – Esta vez ( fase remix) ( Lao edit)
Deize tigrona – Injecao ( Yapla rmx)
Sunsplash – interferencia ( patafunk rmx)
Interview with Sunsplash
Mr Kantiw – La Mexa
Lata – Ink jet Fiesta ( Pakongal remix)
Mr Kantiw – Chelos
Un Monoazul – Manimal (feat Lido Pimienta & Lili Saumet)

Last but not least, I can’t emphasize his greatness in words but a very special singer/songwriter passed away this week. I know he’s known for salsa but still I wish to respect him here. Joe Arroyo a truly great talent. His hit Rebelion was a song I’ve listened to at least a hundred times (seriously) and danced to who knows how many times, he will be missed and revered.



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