Some glorious Transnational Dub here introduced to me by my good friend Anna Kucharska!

Greg Hunter has a long and colourful history in sound engineering, production and composition. Some of his best known credits include work with Orb and Youth. But it is his catalogue of works as a producer and musician that have enthralled his fanbase for years. From creation of the seminal world dub of 1994 Subsurfing album, to the classics of Lotus Blossom, Sout el Leil and Fifth Sun; Greg has proven himself to be a pioneer of contemporary electronica. Always sailing close to the edge of the limits of perceived sound, crafting his ethnodelic music by working with classical and Indigenous musicians around the world, and creating a seamless blend of modern technology with ancient musical traditions.

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Cosmic Scum by dubsahara

“With the passage of an immense length of time, conditions begin to change. A scum, with the character of boiled, milky rice, begins to accumulate on the cooling earth, and the terrestrial inhabitants begin to taste it and enjoy the sensation. This new sense pleasure leads to craving and an ever-increasing dependence on the scum for nourishment. The earthly residents find that their formerly light, ethereal bodies become gross and solid and more differentiated in shape and appearance. Gradually, the waters covering the earth subside; the mists disperse and the sun and moon are clearly revealed in the heavens.”

Isotantric by dubsahara

When even our self does not belong to us, what else in the world can we call our own?

All that we collect and gather in the external world for our happiness and comfort is limited. Not even a thousandth part of this world that we possess can we really call our own kingdom, our world. But our mind can create and can collect numberless thoughts and impressions, which all make up its real world. All our possessions, all that we collect in life, all these things which we shall have to leave one day are transitory; but that which we have created in our thought, in our mind, that lives.




3 Symbols by dubsahara

The pairing of the six traditional enemies creates the three mystical animals;

garuda and snow-lion

otter and fish

crocodile and sea-snail.

These animal symbols of universal love represents the spreading of harmony, as they depict combinations of mutually hostile animals.


Khaleeji Dub (first build) by dubsahara

First build of a track i wrote in cairo during the revolution in spring 2011.

it was late at night in a studio in Giza.
everyone had left because of the curfew,
so it was only me and a couple of the night guys left.
and then that bass line dropped like a crystal of joy.
this is the first build,, very raw..


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