Malaysian Superhero (see bio below) MC AraByrd is back on Crunchtime with another ground-shaking EP, Disco Nected.

I have grown very fond of this Malaysian MC,she is a witty talented singer who isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind. Singing in english and Malay, her voice reflects the global bass scene movement; global singers and producers connecting to make pure magic.   She’s been working with barefoot originator Stereotyp and Cee and is up to the par when it comes to dropping rhymes on their heavy bass tunes. Check out the new release, my favorite is track on it is KEK:

special promo tune for ya’ AraByrd – Rolex Flex (aif)

Still hot, Arabyrd previous 2 EPs on the label:


here’s a quick bio RQM wrote about her ( from

AraByrd (Malaysia) /Biography

Birth Place: Sarawak, Malaysia

Age: 23

Current Residency: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Professional Occupation: Radio Host, MC, Vocalist, Crate Digger

Mutation: AraByrd was born during the cosmic explosion that gave birth to our Sun. She is a living photon patchwork that shifts from wave to particle composition depending on her state of mind. Her presence is blinding. To function in this Time-Bound Terrestrial world AraByrd slowed down her photon wave particle state to a vibration that produces a Sound Body that appears to be physical to mortal eyes.

Powers: The Xray Sound Body. Arabyrd is a healer. She has the ability to see the true essence of all living beings and to reveal this knowledge to them. The presence of her Sound Body harmonizes on contact. Her powers peak in the range of Purple.

Mission Statement: To appreciate life and be able to pass down this appreciation to others.

Alliances: The Crunchtime League

(written by: RQM)

Some pics:

killin it
Stereotyp, AraByrd and Cee


here’s a snippet of AraByrd in a video series on Fefe Talavera in Camp Hustle. In case you haven’t heard about the camp, it is a nice project Stereotyp involving cuttin-edge underground street artists and musicians. with a focus on street artists and producers. They had a kick ass live streaming a few weeks ago where people submitted images via chat and the graffiti artists tagged them. The street is aLiVE!

checkout the rest of the series on Fefe here




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