After the amazing DJ ROC EP that dropped a couple of weeks ago, we have some new JUKE/FOOTWORK to share with you again. From all over the globe, the tracks keep coming in, so this is almost like an international juke round-up. Some really cool stuff, check it out.

I’m gonna kick it off with this epic piece from a few months back, you might have missed it, as did I, but it is too good to sleep on. Ennio Morricone gets the juke treatment and turns into some steady banging dancefloor juke.

BOYLAN – EOG shared first HERE

Up next we have some JUKE from down under. As amazing as that might sound, Since internet 2.0 you can see all genres popping up everywhere, hell, we even released an Israeli footwork EP on our own label!check the razor sharp edits of BOOMA, that bring back some almost old school sounding JUKE!
Move (If You Wanna) (B.O.O.M.A JUKE rmx) by B•O•O•M•A

and the other one, which i actually REALLY dig:
Countdown (B.O.O.M.A JUKE rmx) by B•O•O•M•A

yep that would def work in a battle as well!

I’m also digging this strange abstract, almost IDM sounding thing right here by LIL JABBA:
MaSTeR.KeY by LiL ♎ JaBBA

and the canadian Juke stuff by the PHILTHKIDS:
Fluctuation (160 BPM) by Philthkids

and then there was DAFT PUNK. I did like the TRON remake, unlike many others, but mostly because of the great soundtrack. EAR MONK just shapeshifted that into a JUKE/FOOTWORK rework thats really nice:
Ear Monk – Flynn’s Juke by Ear Monk

and last but not least we have TIGHTSHADE from SERBIA, dropping some serious FOOTWORK fiyah!!!!

and this SPINN/RASHAD remix:
DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad – She Goin’ (TIGHT SHADE REMIX) 128 Kbps by TIGHTSHADE


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