I’m back baby!

Now fully married so ladies: too late!

I’ve been in Montenegro on my honeymoon & I’d like to say that I went and sought out all the most underground crazy music happening there but, well, I didn’t, I drank cocktails and went to the beach and did, y’know, honeymoon stuff. 2 recommendations I do have though: Radio D+ which has balkan pop, turbofolk and crazy gypsy synth tunes on constant rotation, and The Pirate Bar in Perast which is probably the best place I know of in the world to go for a drink.

And man it’s all been kicking off while I’ve been gone, controversy after controversy over at the Moombahton FB group… You would have thought the slower tempo would mellow folks out, but maybe we need something a little faster to work our aggression out… Anyway on to the mixxxes, first up is a dude at the centre of some (there seems to be have been loads) of the controversy, Lightning EyeZ with an epic mix of everything, then DJ Badre with some Balkan house, The Waz Experience out of Austria brings us a Beach Hop selection and finally Ginger Shinobi joins the Moombah fam with his first Moombahton mix…

Lightning EyeZ

So, as UMB posted earlier, Lightning EyeZ just launched the Spring of Moombahton compilation, accompanied by some extensive writing on Moombahton, music, sustainability, the future, global conspiracies, and anything else you care to mention, which I personally found fairly baffling and which sparked a pretty heated debate. Well massive respect to the dude, in the face of some fairly derisive comments from various people, myself included, he responded with positivity and friendliness without ever backing down, so I thought it only fair to respond to his comment:

I really really really love this discussion going on below … however as opposed to my beliefs on the world… i would much rather know what y’all think of this mix?

That’s the problem with including an 8000 word essay on your worldview with your mix – it’s a little distracting 🙂 Anyway I really don’t want to get in to that, right here our only agenda is good music. The only thing I’m going to pick up on – since it is about music – is the idea that the ‘New Genre’ Wildstyle (as Lightning EyeZ calls it) – which is about the crossing of genre boundaries, mixing up all tempos & styles & timbres – is something which is growing out of the Moombahton scene. Well surely that’s what the Global Bass / World 2.0 / whatever (call it Wildstyle if you like) scene has always been about – it’s the Global Bass scene which has fostered Moombahton, not the other way round.

Anyway, bottom line, this mix is fyah, a crazy blend of moombah, global bass, electro house, rock, cheesy classics, and everything in between. And it’s EPIC (well, you might argue it’s just loooong, for me he could have achieved the same in a third of the time). I still think the dude is bonkers, but he’s also full of positivity and energy and damn fine tunes which overall is an excellent combo…

Lightning EyeZ – The Essential Wildstyle (Continuous Mix) by Lightning EyeZ

Head to Soundcloud for the tracklist, it’s far too long to reproduce here

DJ Badre

Badre’s a regular in these posts, gotta love the Globalibre and their nose for quality transnational-minimal-tech-house… here’s a new mix with a balkan theme running through, every tune here is a winner, check it

THIS IS BALKAN-3 by Dj Badre

Dave Kurtis – Violino (Original Mix)
Larry Baaaam!-Anatolia – Original Mix
Lissat And Voltaxx- Et Moi (D-Unity Remix)
Sultan &Ned Shepard-Kitsch
Vuleta Ft. Dirty Note-I LOve Balkan
Parov Stelar-Booty Swing (Tits & Clits Remix)
Tim Vitá-Balcania
Robbie Taylor & Benny Royal – Vodka (Dirty Secretz Remix)
Felix Grant Vs Gregor Es – Trombona (Original Mix)
Gabriel & Castellon – El Chupa Choclo (Original Mix)

The Waz Experience

Hailing from the Tirol in Austria – where I’m pretty sure there are no beaches – the Waz Experience brings us a sun drenched beach-hop mix, so grab a cocktail, slip into your Bermuda shorts & whack this on the stereo. Hip hop, dancehall, funky breaks, perfect for the sunshine…

DOWNLOAD: Beach Hop Mix 07/11

no tracklist for this one I’m afraid

Ginger Shinobi

Ginger has been spamming the moombah group all day with this mix, which is pretty annoying and wouldn’t usually be a good way to get featured here except that I like him, and I’m sure he won’t do it again 🙂 STOP IT NOW, OK? The Ginger one has recently clambered aboard the moombah bandwagon & this is his first moombah mix, nice selection. If you’re in London you can catch him playing tomorrow.

DOWNLOAD August Moombahton Mixtape

Unkown – Autumn Les
The Columbians – Mr9carter
Beastie Boys – Body Movin’ (Starfoxx Mix)
Sazon Booya – Mis Armas
Diplo, Dillon Francis – QuĂ© QuĂ©
David Heartbreak – Chavvi (Ckrono Mix)
Noha – Pijama (Mendez Vs Melo Mix)
The House Crew – Keep The Fire Burning
2 Bad Mice – Drum Trip
Rampage Y Nader – Circa 91 – Can You Feel Me
Sluggo Y Mendez – Il Cattivo
Riot Earp – 1recoil
Acen – Close Your Eyes
Bro Safari Ft Ledoom – Tempora

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