Back again with another monthly round up of all that is bleeps and bass. As always I am keen for you to link me to tracks in the comments or generally leave feedback. Picture from Pixel Troopers.



Bleepstreet affirms that they are leaders in high quality chipmusic for the clubs with this release from UK’s chipmusic superstar Sabrepulse. The track itself is great blending in chip with heavy handed 90’s rave influence but where it really shines in my opinion are the remixes. Henry Homesweet delivers a version that really explores the chip elements of the track with some minimal tech before exploding into the most anthemic build that will have everyone blissing out. French chip party kid Je deviens dj en 3 Jours mashes in a ridiculous chip/dutchhouse version that absolutely deserves to be played on a massive sound system. Get all the details on where to buy the release here.

Sabrepulse – Close To Me (Je deviens dj en 3 jours Remix) by Je deviens dj en 3 jours

Abortifacient vs Bankai

This track is a crazy drumstep/chipbreak blend that is completely mental and simultaneously compelling. Sydney Gameboy everything-core voodoo priest Abortifacient teamed up with beat and bass samurai Bankai from Melbourne and together they have created this absolute monster of a track. Head over to for the full gif experience and pick up a download code from one of their shows.



Latvian chip bass mad man is the next up to release on Bleep Street and this teaser for the release is epic to say this least. With remixes from Cheapshot, Abortifacient, Zet and Dr. Von Pnok its sure to be a banger. Check out some recent live recordings of Kodek here and here and eagerly wait for this release like the rest of us



The Tokyo based chipbass maestro has put out a new track and always its well worth a listen. I think we can expect a release right around the corner from this guy.
Fade by cheapshot



So the drummer from anamanaguchi is at it again this time with a set of gameboy cover songs of some dance music classics. Really just watch the video you will be amazed. His release cannot come soon enough.



This bro from Philly has done some dub and bass influenced stuff in the past but this is one of my favourite tracks by him so far without a doubt. Nice mix of chip and traditional production. Download it here.



So there is an interesting discussion that could be had as to whether or not this is chipmusic. HarleyLikesMusic from the UK specializes in using the Korg DS10 cartridge an officially licensed program for the Nintendo DS that gives you access to a basic modelling of a Korg analog synth. So it is handheld videogame hardware and it is still using limitations but is it Chip? I don’t really care to be honest it is technically impressive and a good fun listen. Download here


And to leave the post a track by me that I recently put up for free download, very influenced by Rustie and a bunch of others in the wonky beats scene. Check you next month!!
Vampire Nosebleed by Dot.AY

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