Here’s some Dubstep for your Monday.


Sukh Knight – Shankle

Sukh Knight doing what he does best. On the same EP as “Tribesman” by Squarewave, both big tunes. Get it here


Bandicoot – Left Behind

Just discovered this guy a couple of weeks ago, his recent Left Behind EP is a very promising debut solo record. He has a very dark Kryptic Minds kind of feel to his tunes, impressive stuff. Get acquainted here.


Wheel And Deal Vol. 1

N-Type’s Label Wheel And Deal has put out it’s first compilation CD covering their previous releases, this one is a must have. Standout track has to be Kutz and DJG – “Hella-Tight” featured above. Get it here.


Skream – Exothermic Reaction

Ridiculous tune from Skream, I can’t actually believe this is finally out, it only took nearly 2 years! The tune on the flip is totally different yet really good as well. Get it here.


Om Unit & Kromestar – Solar Cycle

Cosmic Bridge is Om Unit’s new label and both tunes this first release are fantastic, really worth a purchase. Exclusively available at Surus, where they are giving away the second tune, merkabah, for free!



As usual I try to bring some of the freshest tunes yet to be available in stores, so forgive any poor quality or radio chatter please!

Kryptic Minds – Badman VIP

Badman VIP. I shouldn’t have to say any more than that.


Joker & Silas – Slaughterhouse

I’m still not sure about this one – too poppy? Looks like Universal might have had their way with Joker. Anyway, this one is forthcoming on the album in November, but I might hold out for the instrumental to be honest.


Kutz – Canonical VIP

You need to wait until 40 seconds for the good stuff. Insane VIP, this is how a it should be done.


Matt-U – Something About You

New one from Matt-U


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