We get a lot of requests here at GENERATION BASS, to participate in forums, projects, line-ups and what have you, but since we are all crazy busy, we usually dont accept. We did get an invitation for something special though and we would like to inform you about a very special project we will be working on in September!

For this project we are asked to bring together vocalists and producers from non western countries like Kenia, Tanzania, Guatamala, Bolivia and Zimbabwe, and have them work with upcoming stars in dance music in the west right now. The idea is that by interacting, you learn about each other’s background and it can help you develop your own style as an artist, without walking the ‘obvious’ path. And since music is such a total international language, it would be great to have you work on your music together.

Practically, this means we bring couples of artists together, in Tilburg, Holland during the Incubate festival, 12-18 sept 2011. We’ll supply them with a working spot and they will work here on music for a day, presenting the results live, at night. The following day we will repeat this at another venue in Holland, WORM, Rotterdam and another one in Amsterdam called Smart Project Space.

The show will be recorded in video and audio and will be posted in your trusted GENERATION BASS of course!

We made a longlist and were very happy to attach the following names to our project:
RONALD DIAZ (Guatemala) vs ELGATO (uk)
MENEO (Guatemala) vs BERTONBEATS (est)
DJ QUIEN (Bolivia) vs FLECK (Greece)
MUTHONI (Kenya) vs SILKIE (uk)

In the following weeks, I will present all the people particpating in depth here, with links to audio of course, but for now, Id like to draw your attention to our compilations in the same vein and musical styles, that are still available for FREE online!

GB – It takes A Nation part I
GB – It takes A Nation part II
GB – It Takes a Nation part III

1. Krsur – Starlights
2. Boyfriend ft Offkey Rolex – High Rise Horizons
3. Diamond Bass & Mfana – Mumboa
4. Andy Kisaragi – Spunn (oh yeah)
5. Amplifier – Barbarix remix
6. Bert on beats – Bullet Skank
7. Anthony B & Subatomic Sound – Dem can’t stop we from Talk
8. Paul Oakenfold – Southern Sun (FLeCK & Eski remake)
9. Dj Delay – Gypsytronic
10. Laura Marling – Speak because I can (EEE Remix)
11. George Lenton – Imd
12. Edu K – Me Bota Pra Dancar (Motorpitch edit)
13. Mexican Dubweiser – Hacienda
14. Tinie Tempah & Ellie Goulding – Wonder Man (Bandish Projekt mix)
15. ArtCade – Good Bad Girl

1. Onwa Nna Na Nwa (Schlachthofbronx Remix)
2. Sabbo – Change Riddim
3. Tatu – Not Gonna Get Us (Liquid Stranger Remix)
4. Celt Islam – Pressure
5. Bad Boy Bass (Process Rebel remix)
6. Flore – Raw (MoombahRAWn Remix)
7. Neki Stranac & Caballo – Punkass (this is some heavy shit)
8. Broad Rush – Morphine
9. Sidecar Tommy (Beats Antique) – Bangin Beauty
10. Puzzle – Cavtch
11. SDP vs Mr Sakitumi – Pacmanimals Cumbia
12. 3re & Pirate Pillager & Cabs – Rebelde(Rebellious Riddim)
13. Toten – Retina It (Doma Tornados Version)
14. Pan Agnostix Okulus Anomali & Herakles – Non Prophet Organization
15. Dj Rafa Caivano – the Salmon Cumbia

1. Shazalakazoo feat. MC Maiquinho – Tô Com Saudade
2. Mano Negra vs The Peronists- Clandestino (Hippie Bass Remix)
3. Air France (Max Le Daron Remix)
4. Tafuri – City Of Dub
5. Janaka Selekta ft Taamara – Jaan (Talvin Singh Reworked)
6. Kush Arora feat. Jah Dan – International Currency
7. Dub1 – Tiger Blood
8. Unsoundbwoy – Great Grandma Says
9. Sabo – Lord Spaz
10.Carpet Breaker (Knowa Knowa’s UK Funky Remix)
11. Puerta (AlexisK Remix)
12. GoldRush -TruPlaya
13. Herr Mueller- Ampersand
14. Arctor – Extraction
15. Berou & Canblaster- Kapongo Dance (Big Dope P remix)
16. KuBo – Tsu Bo feat: Anbuley (Son Of Kick Rmx)

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