Lets see some projects:

The first is the Dj Murlo. With production with a lot of bass and fast BPM, a mix of soca with wobbles, this dj/producers transformed Beyounce and Rihanna in a real ghetto sound. Other remixes sounds more to basemant sound and a kind of ghetto tech. But, isn’t just the popular singers that received the remixes of this great producer, Slick Don, Kes and Vybz Kartel too. Now, no more text, let’s go to music:

Nocturnal – Stay down the road (Murlo roadmix) by Murlo

Murlo – Temper by Murlo

Kes – Come Gyal (Murlo RMX) by Murlo

Beyonce – Diva (Murlo Refix) by Murlo

Rihanna – Only Girl (Murlo Remix) by Murlo

Slick Don – Inna Dis (Murlo Remix) by Murlo


Bonus from this producer is this mixtape. Opening the set with this: Murlo the biggest dj in the world, you need to confirm if this is real or not.

Murlo – Gully Workout Mixtape by Murlo



Bagamix = Mix of tropical beats, heavy and electro sythns, with old brazilian songs.

The lyrics of this 3 remixes is very funny and shamed at the same time. Think in a music that you singed a lot when you’re chield and when you grow up you get shamed to listen this music again. But now, this music is cool. So what you do?
Fagner – Borbulhas de Amor ( Bagamix Remix ) by bagamix
Grupo Revelacao – Deixa Acontecer ( Bagamix Remix ) by bagamix
Art Popular – Pimpolho ( Bagamix Remix ) by bagamix




Having fun with music.

The idea to mix classic music with funk beats isn’t new, but can result in something very cool. In this projects, this crew transformed the original and more serious sound in something happy, dancing and invite you to this new tendency. Using the carioca funk beats and the model to produce (sampling the music), they’ve 5 produces now. The most and popular classical music are in this part as Betthoven, Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi and Carl Off. Well…maybe you don’t understand so much of classical music to recognize this names, but you will remember when you listen to:
07 O Fortuna (C-Nunez funClassic Remix) by funclassic
01 Quinta Sinfonia – Allegro Con Brio (Guto de Almeida funClassic remix) by funclassic
03 Turkish March (Dj Wally funClassic remix) by funclassic
05 La primavera (Tecyo Queiroz funClassic remix) by funclassic


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