Been a long time since I did one of these and alot of people have been asking for one, I hope it’s cool & u like it 🙂


1. Pretty Lights

2. NastyNasty

3. Infinite Potentials

4. HOOdub

5. Taste Tester

6. Coco Bryce

7. Chase Manhattan

8. Hourglass Sea

9. Krampfhaft

10. Ill Gates

11. Ben Samples

12. LoBounce

13. DJ Pound

14. Freddy Todd

15. Marty Party

16.ANNuNAKii and BakedCrispy


Our mate Okulus posted this in the Transnational Dubstep Group, maybe more appropriate for the Lazer Bass group but anyways caught my attention, awesome mash up.

Here’s what the dude’s PR says about it all ( would have been nicer if he’d spoken in person and said it himself but this is showbiz..loool):

His newest creation is a heavy and beautiful track that remixes and samples Radiohead’s “Everything in its Right Place,” Nirvana’s “All Apologies” and Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer.” Smith continues to redefine what it means to remix and mashup by taking the PL steez to the next level with this ultra fresh remix-mashup-original hybrid. This is the first release for the Pretty Lights 2011 Remixes collection.

Pretty Lights vs Radiohead vs Nirvana vs NIN by prettylights

For the free download, head to


One of my favourite dance producers for the past 2 years, NastyNasty just keeps on delivering and he let loose on a bunch of wicked tunes a few weeks back, which you can grab below.

DOCTOR by NastyNasty

Last Call (Lost Puppy Syndrome) by NastyNasty

QUADRANT by NastyNasty

Darling by NastyNasty

GUTZ by NastyNasty

Anneka – Technicolor (NastyNasty remix) by NastyNasty

Infinite Potentials

Some pretty interesting luvved up stuff here including organic Lazer soul !!!

Do It Like She Likeeeee! (vocal demo & bass booster test) by Infinite Potentials

2mor may never come.. EP COMIN SOON! by Infinite Potentials

L♡vesng.. download link now in ‘description’ by Infinite Potentials

Happy B-B-B-B-B’day to meeeeee! 😀 by Infinite Potentials

Slippery stairs (short test mix version) by Infinite Potentials


HOOdub is an aspiring new producer from Mumbai, India and she’s got a cool groove to her stuff, check it out.

HOOdub – High And Low by HOOdub

HOOdub – One More Night by HOOdub


A really good Gonjasufi remix here amongst other stuff:

Taste Tester, (Sam Wilhoit) is an dubstep/glitch-hop producer from Atlanta, Georgia. Incorporating a wide variety of genres, time signatures, and tempos, Taste Tester achieves a sound that is both dynamic and diverse. In a live setting, Taste Tester utilizes various midi controllers and effects processors to present an unpredictable and energetic collection of sounds.

Remixes by Taste Tester

The Battle of Atlanta by Taste Tester


Our buddy Coco comes up with some more awesome shizzle:

Light Club – My Way by cocobrycebeats

Coco Bryce – Ginormous Bliss by cocobrycebeats

Coco Bryce – Honeymoon (Saturate Records) by cocobrycebeats

Coco Bryce – Polaroid Sunset by cocobrycebeats

Young Bryce & Coco Mane – String Stunts by cocobrycebeats

Coco Bryce – Stuntin Rewerk by cocobrycebeats


One that I had lined up for my recent Luvstep mix but didn’t include it in the end, very Purple!

A One by Chase Manhattan


Bradford’s Lazer Bass Don is back with a couple of new cuts!

Adele (Rollin In The Deep) – Hourglass Sea remake by Hourglass Sea

Black Triangle by Hourglass Sea


This Dutch dude came out with an amazing Lazer Juke EP, the first of it’s kind, on Saturate a few months back.  Now he is back with his new Makin Magic EP for Rwina Records and it’s sounding hotttt!

Krampfhaft – Makin’ Magic EP [RWINA014] by Kr∆mpfh∆ft


New Free Featuring the Aussie Bush Possie to celebrate the release of the NEW ABLETON DJ TEMPLATES!!


One rainy day in Australia my friends Bruce, Ziv, Luna and I woke up with a hankering to write a tune. We had just thrown a raging bush party and had a PA set up under a shelter in the back yard so we decided to take our gear out there and write the whole tune OUTSIDE. The acoustics were like no studio I’ve ever worked in, it was wonderful. We sampled the rain falling on our tarp and some of the animals who came to see what all the fuss was about.

Ill Gates – Under Mi Wildflower – Free DL by ill.gates


And after a 6 month hiatus from his last EP, Samples come through with a HUGE freebie collection called Sex, Drugs & Bass… his own unique interpretation of Rock n’ Roll. From the smashing bass in Killing in the Name Of to screaming face-melt of Rebel Yell, the 9-Track EP is a amusement park ride through Drumstep, Glitch Hop, Dubstep, and Experimental.. all with a guitar-heavy twist. SD&B is FREE for a $0 donation. Despite the theme of the release, please do not pay the artist in cocaine. If you must make it rain, cash donations are accepted – which will be used for harder drugs like bass.


The Cassie remix is sublime and the best I’ve heard of that actual track.

He’s also turned in a brilliant remix of a GoldRush track that’ll be coming out soon on GB.

Fusing multiple genres including hip-hop, funk, and downtempo electronic, LoBounce has shaped a brand new style of electronic bass music. He calls his creation, “Drippy Bass.” His powerful combinations of rolling sub bass and complex melodic elements have taken the underground dance music scene by storm. LoBounce brings a fresh perspective to the world of instrumental dance music, bridging the gap between numerous artistic styles and tempo ranges. “Its all about breaking down the walls, unifying as a musical community, and blasting out brand new ideas together,” says the young bass pioneer and Chicago native. Expect to see a constant stream of new genre defying music from this forward thinking producer. Find out more on his website –

Tainted Love (The Ghetto Sexuual Remix) – DL link in track description by LoBounce

Rock Star by LoBounce

Cassie Meandu- Me & U (LoBounce Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD @ AFROMONK.COM by LoBounce


Heavy, noisy, Cyber-Slap FREE EP release (or name your price) of “Robot Whispers” by DJ Pound on Saturate Records!


Wow, didn’t realize this dude was only 20 years of age, cause he was one of the first dudes that got me into all this Lazer Bass stuff.

This new release sounds simply amazing:

From Motown and the Midwest to ancient Egypt and eastern worlds, from the west coast and the Rockies to 7 mile and the ‘burbs, or from an outer-space crystal kingdom in another dimension to your pineal gland, ears, body, and soul, Freddy Todd is back at it, drawing sounds, genres, and styles from all over the spectrum and beyond.

Including 17 original soul expeditions, this beast of an album is only the second (ultra) full-length release from 20-year old Michigan native Freddy Todd. Opting out from the rapid 2-5 track EP release schedule, Freddy takes it to the next level, letting fans, friends, and listeners really delve into his sound for the perfect sonic trip through a melodic wormhole. With only half of a year since his last epic 28 track debut LP, “Neon Spectacle Operator”, dropped, this second psychedelic and kaleidoscopic roller coaster of a release is still only the beginning. Melding earth and booty shaking laser bass low-end with sparkling melodic synthesizers, stirring together funk-slime with glitch-hop, breakbeats, dubstep and countless other genres, and fusing samples from all over the world: Motown, the Middle East, the rap and pop cultures, friends like Black Mic and Unc, and even sampling his Grandfather playing his tenor sax — all layered on top of crunk-tastic, ancient alien rhythms, this album is sure to melt you on the dancefloor, in your headphones in the fetal position, or bumping through the streets with the top lid back and the bass down low.

Freddy Todd – Painting In A Silent Eternity TEASER by Simplify Recordings


Lil Wayne given the Purple treatment!

LilWayne-PussyMoneyWeed(MartyParty Purple Remix) by MartyParty

Download it HERE

ANNuNAKii and BakedCrispy

Some really crazy cartoon shiiit here but it’s fun!!!

ANNuNAKii and BakedCrispy “Pinky and the Brain” Remix FREE DOWNLOAD by BakedCrispy

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