I can’t seem to get away from psychedelic cumbia. This week a certain artist found me on SoundCloud and when I decided to take a listen to some of his music I was simply blown away. I realized I need to present more psychedelic sounds on here and in this week’s case I will present his body of work. His name is Abel Torres a.k.a. Abel Digital. From Lima, Peru which seems to be the capital of psychedelic sounds, Abel not only produces cumbia fused with many other styles but also is a painter, a clothing designer, photographer, and designer of all things audio/visual. I don’t want to take up to much space writing like I usually do blabbing on and on nonsensically, so this week I’m going to let Abel speak to you. I had the privilege to speak with him about his work. I sent him questions and received a tremendous response to all of them. For me to creatively write his answers here would not do him justice because the way he answered can not be topped (especially by bumbling buffoons like me).

But before we venture on to the interview I will give you a taste.


Where are you from?

I’m from Lima, Peru, planet earth, one soul cosmos, a universal citizen, from every neighborhood.

What and who are your influences?

I’m influenced by mixes and fusion…. urban culture, street art, pop
culture, things that sit on the margin, electronic music, folklore, aboriginal songs, Icaros
reggae, dancehall, dub, jazz, salsa…. live in Peru and South America
everything I see, everything I hear, what I dream, what I feel….
nature, the sea, the mountains,
colors, people, life and death.

What is your approach to producing these tracks? (What do you play/program/software used?)

My music is a collage of sounds that create sensations, projecting onto the mind and body.
To produce, edit and mix I use different programs like FL, Studio 8-9, Virtual Dj Pro 7, Ableton Live, Traktor Dj.

You say you this is an audio/visual project; do you have any examples of this? If not what do you do live to make it so?

Everything is audiovisual…we are audiovisuales. I mix art, design and music. I’m preparing an art-video and some projections. While traveling, I collect images, fotos of the country and the city, of people who work in the streets, people living day to day. I have a few visual projects which I develop alongside my music. I started by painting, now I design, paint canvasses, paint murals, and I have a clothing brand where I mix images and silkscreen. I also work with a non-profit association called MySmallHelp in Trujillo and Cusco.

For me, to create music is to design with sound. Mental experiences are audiovisual, and I believe there are 2 forms of “audiovisual”- one natural and one produced by machinery.

What are your goals with your music?

To flow… art saves the world.

Do you have any gigs coming up?

I have gigs in Cusco, in clubs, bars, cultural centers, and in different places in the Sacred Valley. This week, it’s the opening of a new club in the city….


Here are some links to his work he mentioned in the interview.


Art-Fashion: Clothing

Social Art:

BodyPhoto-Collage experimental

Back to the music, I chose a few more of his tracks to post here. These are the ones that spoke to me. All week I would just zone out and blast these in my office (bedroom).

His newest release drives and encompasses the Abel Digital sound well.


Pure bliss, I fell in love with this immediately.


To be honest this one is my favorite. It’s quite soul-moving and spiritual for me. Containing strong elements of Icaros if I’m not mistaken. I love the minimal repetitive bass line. Like a heartbeat.


Jim would have loved this. It really messes with the mind.


With a beautifully creative  intro and outro this reggae fused track truly inspires.


Please check out the rest of his tracks and share them with all whom you wish. I love when I come across artists like Abel Digital.


Edits, remixes, mahups, refixes and whatever else we call them, I understand many have strong opinions of. A lot of people think it’s cheap to do edits especially. I disagree strongly. Edits and such have brought new life to songs I had brushed off. Some actually are much better than the originals. I think this way of everything Mariah Carey remixes. I can’t stand her music but the remixes especially house remixes are sometimes brilliant. I have been struggling to decide whether or not I would post a blog focusing on edits, remixes, mashups etc since there are so many being made throughout the week. So instead of a single post I will instead choose one or two a week to post here, ones that I enjoyed the most.

My boy Emmanuel Gaston down in Mendoza, Argentina apparently loves movies. He takes the scores and produces cumbia versions that in my opinion are better than the original. Here he is with a piece from the new Transformers movie. I won’t see the movie because it has absolutely no appeal to me but I will enjoy the music of DJ Emma Mza.


Next week I will put more here now that I’ve introduced this part of the post.

Stay with me I’ve got some great stuff coming up in the next few weeks.

Gracias cumbieros!



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