Hola hola , just back from luvely holidays. If i have to find a soundtrack for my last days , definetly i’m going to choose 1undread. For long time i’m following this artists Brian Swan bass player , composer and producer and Nicola Swan singer, Dj and belly dancer. Together are spreading massive love to the cloud . I really don’t want to put a label on their music because is so unique and special .

Just give a listen to it .

The Lady by .(♥✿◠‿☆) ♥1undread

Shout to Screechie Dan – 1undread by .(♥✿◠‿☆) ♥1undread

俳句 by .(♥✿◠‿☆) ♥1undread

They just released a new Ep called GLITCHSTEP, get it here

Here some preview.

Tounge in Mouth by .(♥✿◠‿☆) ♥1undread

Train by .(♥✿◠‿☆) ♥1undread


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