Our homie, Javier Estrada has given so much free and so here is your chance to support him by buying his EP to raise money for his proposed tour in Colombia,

“Whoever is familiar with all this movement called Global Bass has surely heard of him, Javier Estrada is a young producer who has the ability to create music at an unusual time, which for the purists that includes devalue the quality of the resulting work but they forget that there is much greatness songs that were written in a few minutes, a few hours and it is that present time, no matter if one takes a year or 15 minutes to produce an album or song, as in most cases the result is not proportional to time spent in production.

Tribu Astral is an EP with sounds ranging from rhythm and Dubste, Kuduro as to its distinctive and original sound that would define as Nu-Prehispanic latter Javier Estrada basically turns into one of the initiators and creators of the genre, as Tribal unlike the generic, mixing by combining sounds and elements of ancient pre-Hispanic Mexican music, that position as a talent to follow in the next generation of electronic music for Mexico”.

Mix EP Tribu Astral – Sale in Itunes TROPIC ALL by djjavierestrada


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