Ok boys and girls get ready for what I’m calling the MOOMBAHMIX series here on GB, as I’m prepared to release the gauntlet when it comes to Moombahton mixtapes.  Consider this series an artist spotlight, and in the coming weeks look out for exclusive mixtapes that are going to be supporting our current favorites and breaking new artist that are making an impression with straight-up crazy tunes.

I recently gave out an invitation to a seemingly unknown, yet extremely talented producer by the handle Aylen, 22, hailing out of New Jersey, USA and his tracks are nothing short of HYPE.   Even though Aylen (Andrew Lin) hasn’t seen much Moombah action in his home town, his tracks have been receiving serious rotation by guys like Bro Safari, Sazon Booya and J-trick coincidentally spreading his music to a very loyal audience of Moombahphiles also sweating his tracks.

So let’s get acquainted!  Expect Aylen’s upfront club style, making a statement by mutating Moombahton into his own polished and banging swagger.  Taking you from  shiny, melodic moombahcuts like ‘The Rapture’ to searing bass-throbbing moombahcore devestation like on ‘Drop the Bass’  to even his cheeky yet strangely good remix of ‘Macarena’!  This guy does it all.  That’s it for now, stream, download, SHARE.  Peace!


CSS – Hit’s Me Like A Rock (Dillon Francis Remix)
Aylen – Drop The Bass (Original Mix)
J-Trick – Badman Riddim (Original Mix)
Nerd Rage & Sluggo – El Cuco
Sazon Booya – La Bomba
J-Trick – Ese Papi (Original Mix)
Los Del Rio – Macarena (Aylen Remix)
Aylen & Boo – Buzza (Original Mix)
Aylen – Chicken Plunge Ft Skrillex (Original Mix)
BILLY THE GENT / LONGJAWNS – Vibrate (Original Mix)
Aylen – The Rapture (Original Mix)
Timetakers – She Blows (Whistle Tune) (Dillon Francis Remix)
Skrillex – Ruffneck (Relok Remix)
Market Price – Talk Trash (Original mix)
J-Trick & Anndyk – Blaze It (Original Moombahcore Mix)
Bonjour Hi! – La Pata y El Pato (Lazerdisk Party Sex Remix)
Kito, Reija Lee – Broken Hearts (Dillon Francis Remix)
Aylen – PianoForte (Original Mix)


Download: MOOMBAHMIX001 – Aylen


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