Man it’s been quite a while since I posted any Electro House on this here blog but here’s a good reason to do so.  Our sista’ April White just released this EP and we wanna give her big suppport.

“Get Fuct Remixes” by April White feat. Ming (Ming & FS) by aprilwhite





Grab a free remix:

Get Fuct (Dopefish Remix).mp3

April White is a New York-based Artist, Actor, Producer, and DJ who is fearlessly devoted to genre tripping. Case in point: her first commercial release in early Sept. 2010 was a cinematic, industrial-dubstep remix of Viennan dub band, Dubblestandart’s, “Chrome Optimism,” featuring the spoken vocals of iconic American filmmaker David Lynch and Grammy-winning reggae legend, Lee Scratch Perry.

Her second commercial release, “Ode to Reclamation,” was a finalist in Ministry’s contest that challenged producers to create a song based on “Psalm 69” for the FIX: The Ministry Movie soundtrack.

And her third release, “Make it a Double,” a collaboration with tech house sensation ATOM, is a wiggly stumble down silly lane:

April just released an electro-punk partyanthem, “Get Fuct” feat. Ming (of Ming & FS) on Hood Famous Music/New York, on Aug. 2, 2011. Don’t miss the promo video ( or this superBIGbassSTAR endorsement: “GET FUCT” is the jaaaammmmmmmmmmm!!!!!” —Bassnectar

Two days later, on Aug. 4, 2011, she released her original electronica track, “Let’s Dance Horizontal,” along with Danielle Nicole’s tech house “Don’t Be Shy Mix,” on Sex Panda Records/Ukraine. Both “Get Fuct” and “Let’s Dance Horizontal” hit the Top 100 on Beatport’s Electronica DJ Chart within the first week.

But that is just the beginning of April’s planned releases for 2011.

She is currently recording covers of “Sledgehammer” and “Spirits in a Material World” for Dubblestandart, and also working on a top-secret project called “Tiny Machines” with Hobotech’s Jon Margulies (1st album release date: 11.11.11). Stay tuned here:

She is also planning to drop at least two more original tracks in Fall/Winter 2011 that she wrote, sang and produced/co-produced–including a satirical neo-dub track called “Happy Endings” and a massive electro-grime track called “Never Be the Same.”

The Iowa native draws inspiration from both her classical piano background—she grew up listening to Mozart on repeat while she slept—as well as the cutting-edge electronic tracks she spins at gritty underground parties and fashionable Fifth Avenue NYC retail stores alike.

She is currently the Music Director and Co-Host of “The Skinny”—a live, theater show modeled after “Real Time with Bill Maher” and “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”—where she acts as the DJ-Sidekick to NYC’s stand-up comedian, Peter DeGiglio.

April is a true renaissance artist of the future: A self-made, independent, multidimensional talent with refreshing depth and a fiery sense of self. Did we mention she’s also a playwright and dancer?

April White seems poised to take the world by storm, and we expect nothing but the delightfully unexpected from her.



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