There’s a couple of things I can tell you about the M6.

One of which, is that Junctions 4-7 of the M6 near to where I live, and where I use to drive to work some years ago, is the busiest motorway intersection in the whole of Europe!

Interesting fact, hey 🙂

Another thing I can tell you is that “M6” also stands for “Moombahton Six”, the infamous and now almost, legendary, free EP series by the one & only Heartbreak.

Heartbreak must be one of the busiest men in the world of Moombahton!

So M6 basically means, BUSY!

Heartbreak has more than lived up to my expected predictions of him last year, when I said he would be one of the rising stars from the underground this year. He is more than proving that I have some kinda mystical, future telling powers.

So over now to one of the main Moombahton men of the moment. LEZ GO!

As we continue to move forward and things progress, I am just starting to have fun. This ep is designed for the club, I left the soul alone, and went back to the roots, and made a few joints strictly for the club.

The track list changed a few times due to songs being picked up for official projects. But overall it still turned out pretyy good.

The song list as follows, with as little fluff as possible:

1. Level 10… this is me having fun, and just trying something different, this shit in the club is a beast.

2. Beautiful Noize- Ths track is like the battle of the bands, me and bigmakk just sat in room and went it and then went back and forth with the loudest synths we could find. this track is designed to destroy the club

3. Blaze Up ( Mendez & Pickster VIP Remix )- This one is is a remix for the heartbreak and toddla joint. My peeps from arizona went in real heavy on this.. big tune!

Look out for moombahsoul three, the moombahcore comp, and M7 & M8 coming soon.


Level 10 by David Heartbreak

BLAZE UP (Mendez & Pickster VIP Remix ) by David Heartbreak

BIGMAKK & Heartbreak ( Beautiful Noize ) by David Heartbreak

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