The new generation of technobrega, before King Dj Cremoso, still producing some new sounds to technobrega style. Jaloo is one in this new crew of producers.

Jaloo is a producer who called our attention to technobrega stuff. With own production and interesting remixes, this producer from Pará have the essence to produce technobrega, and the most interesting is the produces with others styles, as a remix to Mc Gi, mixing funk with tecnobrega beats. Other of this remixes is from Amy Wineouse (R.I.P.) and another is from a popular sound here in Brazil from Adelle:
Amy Winehouse – Back to Black (Jaloo Remix) by jaloo

Adele – Rolling in the Deep (Jaloo Remix) by jaloo

Jaloo – Põe the Brega by jaloo

MC GI – Quer Romance (Jaloo Remix) by jaloo



With musics talking about love, some rifles of electric guitars and strong beats, Banda Uó release more 3 new sounds. One of hype technobrega bands in Brazil, shake the amor still been the hit of moment:

O Gosto Amargo do Perfume by Banda UÓ

Louca Paixão by Banda UÓ

Foi Você Quem Trouxe by Banda UÓ


Now some assorted remixes:

Dick Dale vs Bernardo Pinheiro – Misirlou (@BaileTropical Tecnobrega Mix) by bernardopinheiro

Britney Spears – I Wanna Go (Tecnobrega Mix by DJ Lyncoln) [download link in description] by Jezz Lucena

Lady Gaga – Alejandro (melody version) by bregahype

LMFAO – Miame Bitch ( Waldosquasg Tecnomelody RMX) by bregahype

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